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Cassie and Julie have been baking Christmas cookies every year since they were teenagers. They would go out and buy Tupperware containers and label each one for those they make cookies for. When it came to getting all they needed to make the cookies, each one had their list of what they needed to get. 

Every year they would take turns baking at each others place. This year it was Cassie’s turn. She put up colorful lights and Christmas decorations and put on holiday music to set the mood. Julie was on her way over, so she put on the tea kettle and had the tea ready for when her friend arrived. Once she arrived, they sat down and checked their lists to make sure they had everything before they got started. When they had everything, it was time to start with the first batch.

When certain songs would come on, it would remind them of different times of when they were younger. They met when Cassie’s family moved in just a few houses down on the same street when she was around 5 years old. Their connection was instant, and they have been together ever since.

Julie smiled while she was mixing some butter and sugar in a bowl, it reminded her of one of the first times they started baking together with her mom. She giggled as she started the story.

“Remember when we were finally allowed to help my mom mix things instead of just waiting to scoop the dough on to the cookie sheet?” Cassie giggle at the memory and added, ” Yea, that was the time when I mixed up the sugar with the salt, and your mom told me I wasn’t allowed to do anything until it was time to scoop. But she allowed you to mix the butter and sugar.” They both giggled over that. Julie stopped mixing and held out the bowl to her and they both laughed themselves silly. When they got their composure back, they finished up adding the ingredients and scooped the dough onto the cookie sheet and put them in the oven. They even had a list of how many batches they were going to bake for each type of cookie. While they were waiting, they made another cup of tea and sat for a minute before making another batch.

Julie was singing along to one of the songs that came on, and Cassie got up and started to dance. Since she didn’t really know how to dance, she gave it all she got and danced her heart out. They both were dancing and singing when the timer for the cookies went off. 

After a few hours, they were almost done, only one more batch and they were finished. As each batch cooled, they separated them into each container. Cassie had a plate set out for them and put some on the plate for them to have when they were finished. 

They had baked Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Kisses, Oatmeal Raisin, and Snicker Doodles, and Julie’s favorite Spritz cookies. Because she liked decorating them with rainbow sprinkles. Cassie’s favorite were Snicker Doodles. 

The last batch was done and Julie placed the cookies on the cooling rack, Cassie was making them a cup of tea. As each container was filled, they marked them off the list. With their cup of tea in hand, they headed to the living room to put their feet up and relax. They were quiet for a few moments, looking at the Christmas lights and decorations and feeling good about baking the cookies for friends and family. Without a word, Julie got up and grabbed the plate of cookies from the kitchen counter and brought them back in, already chewing on a spritz cookie as she put the plate on the coffee table. Cassie smiled and grabbed a snicker doodle. 

Cassie was the first to break the silence. “We can split up the containers to deliver to everyone. That way, one person isn’t having to drive all over to deliver them.” Julie nodded in agreement. When they finished their tea and cookies, they divided up the containers and said their good byes. 

Their tradition every year has been not to exchange gifts. On Christmas Eve, one person orders the pizza and the other brings their favorite Christmas movie, The Christmas Story. Their present to each other is spending time laughing and enjoying each others company. Their friendship is a gift that they give each other everyday. 



Rest Stop Dancer


Leslie is on a road trip up north to see her best friend Jill. They have been friends since high school. Jill has always been a free spirit and she never stays in one place for too long. Leslie never knows what place Jill will say she is next. As long as she is happy, Leslie just lets it be.

She has been on the road for a few hours, she is getting hungry and wants to get out of the car and stretch her legs. Just passing a sign that read service station is one mile. Following the signs, she takes the exit to take a little break. When she is parked, she gets out and walks around the car a few times. Leslie still hasn’t decided what she wants to eat, she looks around and decides to get a sandwich and an iced tea. Then goes and sits at an empty table. Relaxing and enjoying her sandwich, she texts Jill to let her know that she stopped for something to eat. Jill responds back that she is excited to seeing her. Leslie smiles and finishes her sandwich. She gets another iced tea for the road and heads back to the car. 

Leslie is back on the road after taking a break. She only has about four hours left to go. Arriving to Jill’s around dinner time. Leslie is excited because they haven’t seen each other in a few years. This is the break that she has been looking for. Work has been driving her crazy and it’s time to get away and just relax.

Traffic hasn’t been too bad, after getting past the cities, the traffic thins out and only a few cars are on the interstate. After driving for another two hours, she needs to fill up on gas. A sign for a gas station is five miles away. Leslie will pull off then and fill up. She is glad this trip is almost over. She loves road trips, but she is starting to get tired. 

The sign for the gas station comes up and she pulls off the exit and goes to fill up her tank. She looks over and see a rest area to the right. Once she is done, she will drive over to the rest area and just sit for a minute. There are a few people over there taking a break before heading back on the road. 

There is a couple with two small children, the parents are sitting on the picnic bench eating sandwiches, while the children run around and play. A gentleman with head phones is walking around the parking lot, every so often he would start dancing when a good part of the song comes on. Sometimes he even sings out loud. Everyone around stops and looks where the singing is coming from and just smiles and go back to what they were doing. Leslie chuckles and he reminds her of one of her friends back in high school. He would be walking down the hallway with head phones on, dancing to whatever song he was listening to and sing parts of the song. The guy at the rest stop was oblivious to others around him. He was just enjoying his break with some music. 

Leslie was back on the road knowing she didn’t have much further to go. Passing a sign that read the where Jill was. It was only a few more exits. She felt it was taking forever. But finally she came up on the exit and turned off the interstate. After checking the directions while at a stop sign, she found her way to Jill’s house. Finally off the road and time to relax and enjoy the time with her best friend. 

Caller Fifteen


“The time has come,” the DJ announced, “here is your chance to win tickets to the hottest concert this year. I will take caller number ten. Good luck.”

Jamie and her friend Chelsea have been tuned in for the past two hours waiting for the DJ to announce when to call for a chance to win tickets. They have been fans of the Chase Walker band for years. Jamie has a crush on the lead singer, Chelsea is into the drummer.  They are both trying to win the tickets. They have the station number set in their phones and are already dialing.

“Hello, you are caller number 5, try again.” The operator says when Jamie calls.

“Hello, you are caller number 8, try again.” The operator says when Chelsea calls.

They both sit back on the couch defeated. Always the optimist, Chelsea turns to Jamie and says, ” We still have another chance next hour.” Jamie isn’t feeling too optimistic, but nods her head. They stay tuned into the station and listen to some music and chit chat to pass the time until they announce when to call again. 

Jamie fills in Chelsea on what Maria is baking at the bake shop. Chelsea talks about a few hook ups at work. With her being a receptionist for a law firm, she knows when two people are seeing each other, some people are not so subtle. 

“This is WMJQ FM, it’s that time again. We are looking for caller fifteen this time. If you are the fifteenth caller, you will win two tickets to see the Chase Walker band. Good luck.” Then the DJ cuts to a commercial. They both grab their phones and start to dial. Busy signal. They both dial again. Jamie’s call goes through and rings. Chelsea gets another busy signal. She hangs up and waits to see if Jamie will be the winner.

“Hello, you are caller fifteen, congratulations!!” The operator says excitedly, but Jamie is so surprised she doesn’t say anything at the moment. Then it hits her and she lets out this scream and looks at Chelsea with a grin and nodding her head letting her know that she won.

“I can’t believe I won!!!” Jamie tries catching her breath as the operator asks for her information so they can send the tickets. She gives her address and her phone number and then hangs up. Chelsea hugs Jamie and they are so excited. They didn’t think they would win. They had been trying for days. Today was their lucky day. The tickets are for next Friday night.

Jamie thought it would be cool to go to the concert in a limo. So she set one up to pick her and Chelsea up and her place. The driver came on time and they arrived at the venue about an hour before the show started. It was packed, but they didn’t care, the tickets they won put them close to the stage. Jamie would be able to Chase Walker, the lead singer up close. And Chelsea would be able to see the drummer, Danny Lyons. They found their seats and just waited. 

Show time!! The lights blinked to let everyone know that the show would be starting. Everyone started to cheer as the lights came up on the stage. Chase was the first to walk on stage, Jamie just sighed and instantly started to fan girl. The rest of the band strolled on stage, Chelsea sighed when she saw Danny take his seat at the drums. 

They swayed through the ballads, and then rocked out on the rest of them. Jamie sang every lyric. She could have swore that Chase looked at her a few times and smiled. Maybe he did, she will let that live with her. Because she knows he smiles at everyone who is close to the stage and enjoying the show.  Jamie and Chelsea may have been sitting together, but they were having separate experiences and enjoying every second of it. 

When the band was getting ready to leave the stage, Danny was about to toss out his drum sticks. Chelsea called out to Danny for one of the drum sticks. He turned to her and tossed it to her. Then winked and turned around to go backstage. 

They were floating walking back to the limo. Chelsea was afraid that someone would try and take the drum stick out of her hand, she stuck it down the front of her shirt. Jamie just had a grin glued to her face because Chase smiled at her. This is a night that they will remember forever. And they experienced it together. 


The Red Maple Leaf

bench-forest-trees-path (1)

Franny was on a mission to go through her attic and get rid of things that she no longer wanted. A lot of what is up there is from when she was a teenager. Some of the boxes she has forgotten what is even in them. She kept moving the boxes from place to place, telling herself that she would go through it. A few boxes were not labeled, others just had ‘Misc” written on top. There was one box that was not labeled and wasn’t ever opened, it still was taped. Franny just figured that it was just a box of more junk, so she pushed it to the side for now and continued going through some old clothes. She was planning to donate most of the old clothes since they were in good condition and barely worn. 

There was a box with photo albums and framed pictures. She sat on the floor in front of the box and started to go through the photo album. Memories were coming back with every picture she looked at. Most of the were with her best friend Deidre. They were inseparable growing up. When they were dressed up for Halloween, New Year’s parties, a few were with others at a friends slumber party. When they were in high school, they took pictures standing at their lockers posing goofy poses. Franny would chuckle at some of the hairstyles that they wore back then. Lots of big hair and cans of hairspray. And the make up wasn’t any better. 

There were a few pictures of a boy she dated in high school. She forgot she saved these in the album. They dated briefly their senior year. They decided to break it off because he was going out of state for college and she was staying home. But remained friends for a few years until he met someone and got married. There were a few more pictures of the group of friends she hung out with, then she turned the page and something that was pressed in between two pages made her catch her breath.  It was a red color maple leaf. It was something so simple, but something that meant a lot to her. 

Franny hasn’t kept in touch with a lot of the friends she had in high school. Some moved away and others just stopped writing or calling. Franny and Deidre had falling out a few years ago and haven’t spoken since. She has thought about reaching out to Deidre but was afraid that she would be hung up on or would not get a response back from any email she would send. Plus, she didn’t know what to say. Didn’t know how to open the communication back up. So, she just let time go by.  

Before she went downstairs, she opened the photo album to the page with the maple leaf and took it out and put the album back in the box. As she was going down the steps from the attic, she remembers the day she received the leaf and what it meant. Franny wasn’t sure it meant the same after all these years to the other person. That it might not hold that much importance anymore. Thinking to herself,  is it really that important to hold on to a stupid leaf?  

When Franny got done eating dinner, she sat at the table with the leaf in one hand and her cell phone in the other. She took a deep breath and dialed the number. She froze when the person on the other end answered.

“Hello?” She answered surprised that Franny was calling. There was a long pause before she responded.

Franny stumbled a little, but got herself together to respond, “Hello Deidre, it’s been a long time.” It took everything she had not to break down. She didn’t realize she was holding her breath until Deidre asked her why she was calling. She didn’t seem annoyed, just surprised. 

“I was going through some boxes in my attic and I came across something that reminded me of when we first met.” Franny was holding the leaf as she was on the phone. She was hoping that Deidre would remember. Surprisingly, she did remember. They were very close, they knew each other inside and out. 

After another pause, Deidre softly said, “the leaf.” Franny teared up and just let the tears fall down her cheeks. She knew that she would remember. “I remember it, I still have mine Fran. I came across it just the other day. I didn’t think it would mean that much to me after all these years, but it does.” Franny was speechless, so she was nodding her head as if she could see her. 

“I remember we were standing under that tree and as the wind blew, leaves fell all around us. Then you bent down and picked up the red maple leaf and I picked up the yellow one. We handed them to each other and promised to be friends forever. And anytime that we weren’t together, this leaf will stand in until we are together again. Because your family was moving away and we wouldn’t see that much of each other.” She could hear Deidre getting emotional as she was remembering. 

Deidre composed herself and shared along with her, “I carried my leaf around for days. I put it in my pant pocket and walked around with it until I had to take my pants off, then I put it in my pillowcase. Then I eventually got a photo album, and it has been there ever since. Even though we had that fight years ago, didn’t mean that I stopped caring about you. I guess we just needed time apart.” Franny nodded, agreeing that the time apart did do them good.

For the next two hours, they caught up with each other. And talked about all the good times they had as teenagers. Deidre told Franny that she is engaged to be married. 

“Franny, I want you to be my maid of honor. It would mean a lot to me.”

She couldn’t hold back her excitement, she gushed, “Yes! oh my gosh, yes, I would be honored to be your maid of honor.” 

Deidre told Franny all about the wedding plans and everything that would be going on that weekend. Since they didn’t live that far away. Franny would be driving up for the wedding. She wrote down Deidre address and said she would be there soon. Deidre planned to surprise Franny with the dress she would be wearing as maid of honor. It was meant for her other friend, but she wanted Franny as soon as she heard Franny’s voice. She knew the dress would fit Franny perfectly. 

It only took Franny a few hours to drive up. Once she was settled in, her and Deidre sat together on the couch and went through photo albums that Deidre had pulled out right before Franny arrived.  They would giggle over the hairstyles they wore and some of the fashion statements they made back then. When they got to the pictures of some of the parties they went to, that made them laugh so hard they had tears running down their cheeks. They did this until the wee hours of the morning.

“We need to get to bed, you are getting married today.” Franny tried to scold her, but it didn’t work, they both were too excited. Deidre just stuck her tongue out at her.

“I know, but I have a surprise for you, that I want you to see before we go to bed.” Deidre got up from the couch and went upstairs to grab the dress. She came down holding it up as she came back into the living room. Franny’s eyes widen. The dress was beautiful. “What do you think?” Deidre asked Franny. Smiling so bright, she responded, “it’s beautiful.” No other words needed to be said. They hugged and they both headed up to bed with Deidre carrying the dress up with them. It took them awhile to settle and fall asleep. 

The day was finally here. Franny would see Deidre get married. And she would be right there beside her. When Deidre walked down the isle,  she never saw her look so beautiful and so full of love for the man she was marrying. Franny didn’t have much time to get to know him, but what she did know, she knew that her friend would be happy. That’s all that mattered.

When Deidre got to the altar, Franny saw her bouquet, it was beautiful. Then she saw them. Among the flowers in the bouquet were the yellow and red maple leafs bound together with the flowers with satin yellow ribbon. She wanted Franny to know that they will always be together. And when they aren’t, the leaves will be there. Until they are together again. 



Carnation Connection

Another plain envelope has been slipped under her door. No name or return address is on it. Just her name written on the front. This is the second one she has received. No clue who could be sending them. Whoever it is, they come by when she is asleep, because she finds the envelope at her door in the morning when she wakes up.

The note is not long, but leaves her with so many questions.


I have been admiring you ever since we were teenagers. None of your friends know that I am interested in you. I have kept it a secret all the time. All will be revealed in good time.

your secret admirer

Marcy was in a relationship for about two years with someone that worked for the same company she did, but it just didn’t work out. She thought maybe it was George. She called him and asked him thinking he wanted to try making it work again. He told her it wasn’t him. Reading the letter over and over, trying to find some clue as to who this could be. No one seems to come to mind. Putting the letter back in the envelope, she gets ready for work.

She works with Betty , the office manager, at the front desk for a law firm. Marcy screens the calls and transfers them to the appropriate associate, while Betty keeps track of the appointments and schedules meetings in the conference room. They take turns making coffee in the lunch room and filing cases in the file room. 

It was a slow day at work and Betty let Marcy leave a little early. There were no meetings set up for the rest of the afternoon and the phone were quiet. Marcy thanked her and logged out for the day. Since she didn’t want to stop at the store on the way home, she made herself a cup of tea to-go.  On her way to her car, she noticed something on her windshield under one of the wiper blades. It was a carnation, her favorite flower. she picked it up and looked around the parking lot. No one was there. It made her a little nervous because this person knows where she lives and where she works.  She got in her car and put the flower in the second cup holder next to her cup of tea. Marcy wasn’t sure she wanted to go home, there might be another letter. Since she couldn’t figure out any place to go, she went home.

Just as she expected, there was a letter waiting for her when she opened her door. She picked it up and brought it with her to the living room. She sat down and tossed it on the coffee table. Fighting the temptation to read it, she turned on the tv and drank the rest of her tea while watching an episode of Friends. When the show was over, she went to the kitchen to make another cup of tea. When the water was ready, she made her tea and came back into the living room. She sat down and just stared at the envelope again. Not sure if she wanted to know what this one said. The first line of the last one kept going over and over in her head,  since we were teenagers. Marcy was trying to think back to remember who could be doing this. Again, she couldn’t think of anyone. The guy friends that she had back then, all had girlfriends. 

Temptation won, she grabbed the envelope and open it. Thinking that it wasn’t going to say all that much, she expected the letter to pretty much be as vague as the last one. This time, it gave a little clue about a party they were both at. 


Can you remember back to when you, Julie , and Amy went to Susan Peterson’s keg party? It was the party where everyone was having a great time until the cops showed up and shut it down. I was in the dining room with a couple of my friends. You ladies were sitting on the couch in the living room talking with Susan and her friend Ashley.

All will be revealed soon.

Marcy sat back on the couch and tried to remember that party. She remembers Susan and Ashley, but she doesn’t remember anyone in the dining room. That’s where all the guys were playing beer pong. So she didn’t really pay much attention to them. Marcy kind of wish she did pay attention, because it might tell her who these letters are from. But she was drawing a blank. Putting the letter back in the envelope, she walks over to the desk and puts it with the other note. She didn’t save the first letter because it scared her, she threw it out. When she received the second letter, she saved it and put it on her desk. Marcy is saving them for when this person reveals themselves. Maybe it will make sense then. 

She tosses and turns all night. These letters are making her crazy. Instead of laying there, she gets up and goes to the living room and picks up the last letter she received. Reading it over slowly. As if they will help at all. It doesn’t. Marcy goes to the kitchen to get some juice. She is going to try and go back to sleep.  Eventually she does fall into a deep sleep. 

The next morning, as she is walking through the living room to go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, she looks towards the door. Another one arrived. Sitting on the floor in front of the door. For a second, she thought of not reading it and placing it outside the door for this person to see it. To let them know that she doesn’t find this fun or exciting. But frustrating and stupid. Then she reconsiders and hopes that in this letter, there is some type of a reveal so all this can be over. She is surprised with this letter, because he wants to meet. Her heart jumps to her throat. 


I think it is time for me to reveal who this is. I won’t tell you here. I would prefer meeting you in person. Please meet me tomorrow at 2:00 pm at the coffee shop down the street from your apartment. I will explain everything when I see you.

your secret admirer

Marcy has been waiting for this. Finally, he is going to reveal himself. She will find out why he didn’t just contact her instead of doing this. To stop watching the clock, she plays some games on the computer. Too anxious to eat, she goes to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Returning to her computer, she checks her email, responds back to her friend about dinner this weekend. After one more game of solitaire, she goes to get showered and dressed. 

Dressed and ready to go, she grabs her purse and keys and leaves. When she gets to her car, she notices he left a carnation on the windshield. Marcy takes it in the car with her and places it in the cup holder and drives off. She arrives at the coffee shop in about 10 minutes. Not many people are in the coffee shop, she looks around and doesn’t recognize anyone familiar. The waitress seats her, Marcy tells the waitress that someone will be joining her. She nods and goes to get her a cup of tea. Marcy is facing the door, everyone that walks in, she wonders if that is him. It isn’t and they are seated at other tables. She sees her friend Jeremy walk in. That isn’t unusual, he comes here all the time. He lives alone and hates to cook. So he comes here for lunch and dinner. He looks her way and smiles and goes up to the counter and orders a coffee. Marcy still watching the door like a hawk. Still no sign of secret admirer. 

When Jeremy gets his coffee, he walk towards her table. She hopes that he is just saying hello and leaving. She doesn’t want to have the secret admirer think that she is with someone. As he approaches, he has one hand behind his back holding something, the other holding his cup of coffee. She smiles as he reaches the table and sits down. 

He takes his hand from behind his back and places something on the table. She looks down and her eyes open wider and she gasps. It is a carnation. He watches her reaction and just nods. Jeremy sets his coffee cup on the table and tells her everything. 

“I have wanted to ask you out since we were teenagers, I didn’t because I didn’t think you would take me seriously since I was always joking around. So I just kept my feelings to myself. I didn’t want to lose the friendship we had. And if you would have rejected me, it would have broke my heart and I couldn’t of handled it then. Then when you were with George, I was sad, because he didn’t appreciate the person that you are and how beautiful you are. You are beautiful to me. Just how you are. I would leave you the carnations, because I know that’s your favorite flower. But also, because I gave you a carnation when I first met you. They were selling them at school and I wanted to show you that I cared about you. I thought you might have picked up on that back then. But you didn’t, you thanked me and didn’t think anything more of it.”

She was listening to every word he said. She was shocked that he had feelings for her. It warmed her heart to know that he cared that much. And after all this time, he remembered her favorite flower. 

Marcy sat back in her seat for a moment and absorbed everything Jeremy said. Then it was her turn to give him a little shock. 

“When you gave me the carnation when we first met, I thought you were giving me one because every else was getting one and you noticed no one gave me one.  Because you felt sorry for me. But now I see that it was because you really were trying to tell me without saying it. I am sorry I didn’t see it then. But I see it now.” She took a sip of her tea and then asked, ” I know I am accepting many years late. Yes I will go out with you.” She reached over and took his hand and squeezed, then she picked up the carnation and winked at him. By his big grin, you would think she just gave him a million dollars. 

He received something even more special: Marcy.


Bingo at Janie’s

Tonight is game night. Janie is hosting it tonight at her house. She has been setting everything up, everyone is about to arrive soon. They all look forward to getting together a couple of times a month to relax and have fun.

All her friends are coming. Elaine, Ann, Julie, Donna. They have all known each other since high school.

The kitchen counter is set up with food and drinks. Everyone can just grab a plate and something to drink and sit and the dining room table before they start playing bingo. They spend more time talking and laughing than actually playing the game. But the prizes are a good incentive to play.

After everyone has eaten something and refreshed their drinks, the table has been cleared and set up with markers and cards and the wheel with all the balls in them. Janie gives it a good spin before they get started.

“Ok everyone, it’s time to play bingo. The first one to get bingo gets the first pick at the prizes. Which are on the table behind Elaine and Julie.” Everyone cheers when they check out the prizes. She gives the wheel a good spin and then the first ball rolls down the shoot. She looks at it, and then calls it out, ” I 24.” Everyone checks their cards, Donna marks it on her card and says, ” Yes.” Spinning the wheel again, next number she calls, ” G 46.” For the next 20 minutes everyone is concentrating on their cards. Then Elaine breaks the silence by asking Julie, ” how are things with you and hunka hunka burnin love?” She loves to tease Julie. She started dating Ted about a year ago and Elaine thinks he is really good looking. She would never make a play for him, she just likes to watch Julie blush. As if on cue, Julie blushes and answers, ” we are doing great, couldn’t be happier.”

What seems like the longest game in history, finally when Janie calls out, “B 7, ” Ann shouts, ” Oh yes! Bingo! I got Bingo!!” She holds up her card and grins. Janie takes the card from her to verify the numbers. Janie confirms, ” yup, we got a winner!! pick out a prize from the table.” Donna gets up and goes and looks over all the prizes and chooses a candy dish filled with her favorite chocolates, peppermint patties. She takes it back to her seat and eats one right away, then confesses, ” these might not last all night.” They all laugh because they know it’s true. She will be going home with an empty dish.

Janie collects all the used cards and everyone chooses new cards. “Everyone ready?” She looks up and everyone shakes their heads yes. Spinning the wheel a few times, then picks up the first number, ” N 44.” Another number, “O 60.” After Janie calls the number, Ann says sarcastically, “the age I will be when this game ends.” Everyone erupts in laughter. Not everyone gets Ann’s humor, but they all do.

This round goes by a little faster, when Janie calls out “N 33,” Elaine gasps and then shouts, “bingo!” Donna groans then laughs and says, ” I was only one away from bingo.” Janie verifies Elaine’s card and confirms, ” we have a winner, choose from the prizes on the table. She looks over everything and picks out the basket of bath and body products. Back at her seat, she puts the basket under the table out of the way and says, ” I know what I will be doing tomorrow.” Collecting the cards, she asks, “wanna take a little break and grab a snack? I know I’m wanting some of that cheesecake over there.” She points to the cheesecake and then heads over to get a slice. Everyone gets up and heads over to the table to grab a snack.

They play a couple more games, and everyone except Julie wins. She isn’t upset at all. Janie has enough prizes on the table. Everyone would have gone home with something anyway. Julie walks over to the prizes and looks what is left over and picks out a set of coffee mugs. There are several more candy dishes still on the table. Those that didn’t choose candy dishes picks up one to take home. She is always thoughtful that way. Making sure that everyone went home with something.

Donna was getting ready to go, hugging everyone good bye. She announced to everyone, “I have an idea, how about we do a slumber party, like we did when we were kids. Except, we don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for being too loud.” Everyone loved the idea.Donna said she would start thinking of ideas for the party and she will contact everyone and see what dates work for everyone. With her empty candy dish in hand and some other goodies, she was just about out the door when Janie called out to her. “Wait Donna, I have something for you, well for everyone actually.” Everyone looked at each other confused, not sure what Janie meant. She came out from the kitchen with a bag, it was extra bags of candy for everyone. They all hugged her as she gave them out.

Everyone thanked Janie for a great game night. Then everyone left chatting all the way to their cars. She waved good bye to everyone and then headed back in to clean up. She didn’t realize that Elaine hadn’t left. She was inside cleaning up when Janie came back in. Elaine had the dining table cleared and the food and drink table almost cleared when she came in. Surprised that she stayed behind to help clean up, Janie cleared the rest of the food table, thanking Elaine for the help, ” thank you very much for helping, I was just gonna leave it until tomorrow. I was just going to wrap up the food and put it in the fridge and then head to bed.” Elaine smiled and replied, “you are welcome, it’s the least I can do, it was a fun night. I will take the trash out and then I will head out so you can go get some sleep.”

After Elaine left, Janie turned off all the lights and headed upstairs. She loved hosting game night tonight. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep. All that planning and setting things up all day was exhausting, but it was all worth it.

(sometimes your friends remind you how special you really are)


Charlotte’s Surprise


As Charlotte was putting away some magazines back on the bookshelf, she noticed that a pictures was sitting in front of some books. Wondering why a picture would be sitting there. When she picked up the picture, she smiled, taking her back to the time of when the picture was taken. It was a picture of her and Justin. She closed her eyes and could still hear his deep voice and that laugh that only he had. They had some good times then. Until one day that changed everything. Their friendship was put through the test and the choice that Justin made cut her to the core.

It’s Friday night, every Friday Emily comes over for pizza and dessert. They laugh and cry, and be there for each other when times are tough. Charlotte calls Emily at her bake shop, as she usually does to see what Emily is making tonight. Emily didn’t tell her exactly what she was making, only that it’s something she hasn’t had in a while. They laughed and Charlotte told her that she is ordering the pizza.

She was still laughing to herself when the pizza arrived. She paid for the pizza and put the pizza on the kitchen table. Grabbed two glasses from the cabinet and a stack of napkins and put them on the table.

Emily has a key to her apartment, so she let herself in and called out to Charlotte that she was here with dessert. Charlotte answered back from the bedroom ” I have been wondering what this surprise is.”  Emily let out a dirty laugh that made Charlotte laugh even harder as she came into the kitchen.

She wanted to open the dessert box but Emily stopped her. Telling her that she has to be a good girl and eat all her dinner. Charlotte rolled her eyes and laughed and grabbed two pieces of pizza and poured the soda for both. Then the headed in the living room. She turned on a station on the tv that played music and lowered it so it was in the background.

They caught each other up on the week. No drama which they both were glad about. Charlotte asked her about her boyfriend Evan. Emily smiled and said they are doing great and they were planning a vacation together. She was happy for her and was secretly jealous because Emily is so happy and Evan treats her like a queen. Then Emily gives her that look, the one that she knows what Emily wants to know but doesn’t come out and asks. Charlotte raises her eyebrow and says, ” No Em, I am not talking about him.” Emily smiles and says, ” Ok, it’s time for your surprise.” She gets up from the couch and gets the dessert box and brings it back and places the box on Charlotte’s lap. Emily is giggling as she tells Charlotte to open the box.

She takes a deep breath and opens the box. She gasps and looks up at Emily, who is laughing so hard that she has tears in her eyes. “Emily, what made you think I wanted something like this?” Once Emily caught her breath, she replied, “well, it’s true, you haven’t had one in a while.” Charlotte shook her head yes and laughed along with her. Inside the box where two cakes shaped like penises. She closed the box and put in on the coffee table. They were full from pizza, they will eat it in a while. Charlotte chuckled and poured herself another glass of soda.

As Charlotte was putting on a movie, Emily put their “desserts” on a plate to enjoy while watching a movie. Every time Charlotte would try and take a bite, she was laughing too hard to eat it. Emily was laughing just as hard. They missed most of the movie because they were laughing so hard. It took them a while, but they did finish dessert. It was a dark chocolate cake and they made yummy noises in between laughing.

When the credits starting rolling on the movie, Emily announced that she was gonna get going. Charlotte hugged Emily and said, ” thank you so much for this, I loved my dessert.” They both laughed and Emily said your welcome and she would call her tomorrow.

(friends always know when you need to laugh:-) )