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Cassie and Julie have been baking Christmas cookies every year since they were teenagers. They would go out and buy Tupperware containers and label each one for those they make cookies for. When it came to getting all they needed to make the cookies, each one had their list of what they needed to get. 

Every year they would take turns baking at each others place. This year it was Cassie’s turn. She put up colorful lights and Christmas decorations and put on holiday music to set the mood. Julie was on her way over, so she put on the tea kettle and had the tea ready for when her friend arrived. Once she arrived, they sat down and checked their lists to make sure they had everything before they got started. When they had everything, it was time to start with the first batch.

When certain songs would come on, it would remind them of different times of when they were younger. They met when Cassie’s family moved in just a few houses down on the same street when she was around 5 years old. Their connection was instant, and they have been together ever since.

Julie smiled while she was mixing some butter and sugar in a bowl, it reminded her of one of the first times they started baking together with her mom. She giggled as she started the story.

“Remember when we were finally allowed to help my mom mix things instead of just waiting to scoop the dough on to the cookie sheet?” Cassie giggle at the memory and added, ” Yea, that was the time when I mixed up the sugar with the salt, and your mom told me I wasn’t allowed to do anything until it was time to scoop. But she allowed you to mix the butter and sugar.” They both giggled over that. Julie stopped mixing and held out the bowl to her and they both laughed themselves silly. When they got their composure back, they finished up adding the ingredients and scooped the dough onto the cookie sheet and put them in the oven. They even had a list of how many batches they were going to bake for each type of cookie. While they were waiting, they made another cup of tea and sat for a minute before making another batch.

Julie was singing along to one of the songs that came on, and Cassie got up and started to dance. Since she didn’t really know how to dance, she gave it all she got and danced her heart out. They both were dancing and singing when the timer for the cookies went off. 

After a few hours, they were almost done, only one more batch and they were finished. As each batch cooled, they separated them into each container. Cassie had a plate set out for them and put some on the plate for them to have when they were finished. 

They had baked Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Kisses, Oatmeal Raisin, and Snicker Doodles, and Julie’s favorite Spritz cookies. Because she liked decorating them with rainbow sprinkles. Cassie’s favorite were Snicker Doodles. 

The last batch was done and Julie placed the cookies on the cooling rack, Cassie was making them a cup of tea. As each container was filled, they marked them off the list. With their cup of tea in hand, they headed to the living room to put their feet up and relax. They were quiet for a few moments, looking at the Christmas lights and decorations and feeling good about baking the cookies for friends and family. Without a word, Julie got up and grabbed the plate of cookies from the kitchen counter and brought them back in, already chewing on a spritz cookie as she put the plate on the coffee table. Cassie smiled and grabbed a snicker doodle. 

Cassie was the first to break the silence. “We can split up the containers to deliver to everyone. That way, one person isn’t having to drive all over to deliver them.” Julie nodded in agreement. When they finished their tea and cookies, they divided up the containers and said their good byes. 

Their tradition every year has been not to exchange gifts. On Christmas Eve, one person orders the pizza and the other brings their favorite Christmas movie, The Christmas Story. Their present to each other is spending time laughing and enjoying each others company. Their friendship is a gift that they give each other everyday. 



Burnt Offering Redemption



“Remember the last time you attempted to bake?” Her friend Julie pointed out. “You almost set the kitchen on fire.” 

Emily shrugged her shoulders and answered, “But I didn’t set the kitchen on fire. It was just my smoke alarm telling me, third time is not a charm.”

She was attempting to try again. Julie valued her life and was not going to hang around to see how bad this time would be. She didn’t have too much faith in Emily, because she knew that Emily is not someone that should be making ANYTHING in the kitchen. Well, except for boiling water for her tea. That is about the only thing she doesn’t screw up.

After mixing all the ingredients together, Emily put spoonfuls of dough on the pan and slid the pan in the oven. She set the timer and went back to her desk. Checking emails and playing a few games of solitaire. Every few minutes, she would get up and check the timer. She was determined to not burn them. The timer had about five minutes left. While she is waiting for the timer to go off, she put on some water for some tea. Everything is better with a cup of tea. After a few minutes, the water boiled and she poured the water in her mug and let the tea brew for a few minutes. Then the timer went off for the cookies. She turned the timer off and put on an oven mitt to take the cookies out.

Before she opened the oven door, she took a deep breath and prayed that they were not burnt. When she opened the oven, she looked in and saw the cookies were not burnt, they were golden brown.  I did it!! I didn’t burn them!! She said to herself. Setting the pan on the stove for a minute, she grabbed a metal rack to put the cookies on to cool. Once all the cookies were on the rack, she placed the hot pan in the sink. Emily was so excited about not burning them, she went to get her phone and take a picture of them to send to Julie. 

Taking about a dozen pictures of the cookies, Emily decided on the one she wanted to send to Julie. With the caption ‘I did it!’. A few minutes later, Julie calls Emily back.

“I am so proud of you! They look delicious.”

“Thank you, I was so excited they weren’t burnt, I almost dropped the pan.” Emily giggled as she told Julie that she bought an egg timer that she sat at her desk so she wouldn’t forget. They talked for a few minutes more and then hung up. 

After dinner, Emily put a few cookies on a plate and made a cup of tea. With the plate of cookies and her tea, she went to the living room to watch tv and enjoy her cookies and tea. Emily enjoyed her cookies so much, by the time she went to bed a few hours later, she had eaten up the whole batch. 

So proud of herself, as she was falling asleep, she was thinking that she would try baking something else but wasn’t sure what it would be. Tomorrow she will look through her cookbooks and see what would be fun to make.