Remembering 2nd Grade


I am not sure what made me think about this particular childhood memory. It made me smile to think about it. It was when I was back in 2nd grade. It was the best time I have ever spent in all my years in school. Because of the teacher I had. Mr Perlish. He made learning fun.

He would take pictures of those of us in the class. Not just in the classroom, he would take pictures of us outside playing or on field trips. Even when we were all in the auditorium. It wasn’t til many years later, we would see why he took the pictures. 

The pictures that he took, he saved to give to us when we were older. What he did was he made the pictures into postcards and would send them to us on our birthdays. He would wish us a happy birthday and would let us know how he was doing. I think from 2nd grade until I was in high school, I received a picture postcard every year of when I was his student, of things we did back then. I still have some of them. I saved as many as I could. 

It’s funny how some memories stay with you and are so vivid, that you remember how a room looked or what activity you were doing. There was one day where we had all the desk and chairs back against the wall all around the room. So we had a big open space to spread out this big sheet of brown paper. Then had all the colors of paints and brushes for us to paint. We all picked which part of the paper we wanted to paint on. Once we chose the colors we wanted, we all went on to paint. I don’t remember what others painted, but I remember I painted a flower. I think it was a daisy. I didn’t know how to paint anything else. When we were all done, and all the paint had dried, he hung it outside the classroom in the hallway for everyone to see when they walked by the room. We were all so proud of our work.

Not sure how this was exactly, but I remember having index cards with words that I needed to learn how to spell. Each day, if we were able to spell the word correctly, it would be crossed off and then it was on to the next word. There were ten words on the card. If you misspelled the word that day, you would be given another chance to spell it, if you still misspelled it, you would have the next day to try again. You wouldn’t move on until you spelled it correctly. He wasn’t mean about it or made you feel bad. He would suggest different ways of learning how to spell it. 

Recess we would play on the swings and run around as kids do. There was a sandbox, but I didn’t really play in it that much, because I didn’t like getting the sand in my shoes. On rainy days, we spent recess in the classroom drawing pictures or just messing around. Everyone got along, no one got out of control. We all liked our teacher, so we all wanted to be there to see what fun thing we would learn that day. 

Most of us didn’t pack a lunch, there were a few that did, but most of us got our lunch at school. I don’t remember a lot of what they had for lunches, it was the usual for school lunches. What I do remember is when I had a Mr Goodbar candy bar. Everytime after that, I made sure that I had the change to get one when we went to lunch. When I have one now, it takes me back to this time. I even remember how the cafeteria was layed out. 

I know this is short, I just wanted to share a childhood memory that made me smile. I hope this helps to take you back to a time in your childhood that makes you smile. 

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Happy reading!


Clothesline Tango


Amy was putting her freshly washed sheets on a clothes line that she set up in her back yard. She wanted to have the scent of a beautiful spring day that she couldn’t get from a dryer sheet. And she hung up some towels as well. So that when she opened her linen closet, it would smell like outside. . 

When she was done putting the sheets and towels on the line outside, she went inside and opened the windows to let the fresh air in. Letting the fresh air come through the kitchen to the living room. Then she went to her bedroom down the hall and pulled back the curtain and opened her bedroom window, letting as much fresh air in to make the inside of the house smell like the outside. 

Just letting the sun and fresh air in, made her house cleaning not feel like a chore. She sang her way  through doing up the days dishes and mopping the floor. While she dusted, she put on some music and dance while dusting and running the vacuum.  Using the vacuum as a dance partner. Amy wasn’t much of a dance, but she could hold her own. 

When she was done cleaning the living room, she danced her way to the bathroom. Amy wiped down the sink and counter, put some bowl cleaner in the toilet and let that sit. Then scrubbed the tub and rinsed it out and let it air dry. Brushed the toilet and then flushed it. Amy stood at the doorway of the bathroom and nodded and smiled. Clean and sparkly! 

Amy went back downstairs and went out back to check to see if the sheets were dry enough to put on the bed. They still were a little damp, so she went inside to make a cup of tea and sit on the patio chair and enjoy this beautiful day.  When she came back outside, she brought out her Ipod with her cup of tea and decided to put on some music. When the music started, she was dancing again. Not caring if her neighbors saw her, they didn’t really pay attention, she dances all the time. Her one neighbor Mrs. Stanley, just smiles and shakes her head and goes back to tending her garden. 

She was really getting into her dancing, twirling and not paying attention to how far she was spinning around and round.  Next thing she knows, she is spinning into one of the bedsheets. But she isn’t able to stop until she is tangled up in the sheet so bad, she looses her balance and falls. At first she tries to calmly get out from underneath the sheet. The more she moves around, the more tangled she gets. Amy stops for a minute to think of another way to get out of this. She doesn’t want to have to call over Mrs. Stanley again. She walks her hands down her legs to find the end of the sheet. Thinking that she can just lift it up that way. Amy tries to lift the sheet up, doesn’t work. It is wrapped around her two or three times. She didn’t realize how many times she spun around before stopping. Then Amy thinks if she spins around the opposite way, then it will unravel. Spinning around once, it feels like it’s coming loose. So she keeps spinning and it finally becomes loose.  Amy looks to either side of her yard to check to see if the neighbors saw any of this. Thankfully they haven’t. Or at least she hoped not while she was under the sheet. Her Ipod was still playing, she had pulled the ear buds out as she was struggling under the sheet. She turned it off and stood up and hung the sheet back on the line. 

Amy knew that her tea was cold, so she went inside to make a fresh cup of tea and take a moment before taking down the sheets and towels. This time, when she went inside, she put the Ipod on the kitchen table and didn’t take it out with her when she fixed her tea and went back outside. She was going to sit and enjoy her cup of tea. 

Amy made a mental not to herself, no more dancing outside while drying things on the clothesline. 


Memories of Oak Orchard(part 2)


One year, we had my uncle, aunt, cousin, my uncle’s friend and his wife came with us for a week. Also, my other uncle and aunt, and my five cousins were there too. Everyone had their own place and we would meet up on the pier to catch crabs. After lunch, all the cousins and my brothers and sister and I, would walk down the street and buy candy.  We would try to save it for as long as we could, but after a day or so, we would have to walk back up to the store to get more candy. It wasn’t a busy street, we didn’t worry about traffic. 

This one memory of my uncle and his friend sitting at the end of the pier one night. Trying to fish by flashlight. You would have to have known my uncle to understand that this was a cool idea. He could convince an Eskimo to sell ice water. Anyway, It was dark and us being us, we wanted to have a little fun with them while they were trying to fish with the flashlight. 

We went back to our cottages and got a few boxes of Whoppers, and then went back out to the end of the pier. They didn’t hear us come back out behind them, my uncle was so focused on seeing if a fish was on the line. Then we started throwing the Whoppers one at a time over their heads into the water. My uncle would shoot the flashlight to where he thought he saw a fish jump out of the water. We would wait a few minutes and then do it again in a different spot. Then we would throw one over and then another one right after that, having him think that there were two fish at the same time. They realized it was us when we couldn’t hold back laughing so hard we had to sit down on the pier so we didn’t fall off the pier into the water.  They didn’t sit out on the end of the pier after that. 

I don’t remember if we used the squid we had sitting on the pier for the crab baskets, but I remember it was there. Because a few of us stepped on it. And we did that gross funky dance when you step on something disgusting and you feel that you can’t get it off the bottom of your foot. Makes me shiver just thinking about it. 

Did you know that you can catch a flounder in a crab basket? Neither did I until it actually happened. As I was pulling the string up from the crab basket, I could feel something moving around in the basket, I just thought I had caught two crabs. NOPE. I held up the basket and just kept yelling, “I caught a fish!! I caught a fish!!” Everyone came over and saw it was a flounder. We got a separate bucket and filled it with some water and put the fish in it to take back to the cottage later. We weren’t done crabbing for the day.  Back then, I didn’t like fish, so someone else ate the fish. That was the only time I got a fish in the crab basket. 

One memory I have that still makes me chuckle to this day, is the wooden screen door that we would let slam as we would run out the door to go out to the pier. We would open that door wide, and we would be half way around the front of the cottage, and then you would hear SLAM!! I can’t tell you how many times we were told not to slam the door. Would never fail to happen. 

Happy Reading!


Memories of Oak Orchard



When I was a kid, every summer we went to our favorite place in Delaware. Some people would not consider this place a hot vacation spot. But we loved it. We would look forward to going every year. It was a place called Oak Orchard (we would pronounce it as O-Gorchurd).  There were no telephones in the house that we stayed in, no television. It was a time where families spent time doing things together.  Slept with the windows open to get the cool breeze at night. 

The sun would just be coming up, and my two older brothers and younger sister would wake up and throw on some shorts and shirt or put on our bathing suits and sneakers (these were important to wear while in the water, I will explain later). There was a wrap around porch at the house we stayed in. Right outside the kitchen we had two or three crab baskets that we used to catch the crabs. Bait was raw chicken. Which was kept in the fridge. We would grab a basket and some chicken, making sure the chicken was tied to the basket so the crabs couldn’t run off with it. Then we would tie a rope long enough that we could tie it to the pier and drop the basket in the water. Once we picked a spot at the end of the pier, we would sit next to it. Every few minutes, we would pull the line up inch by inch, checking to see if a crab was inside the basket. When we could see a crab in it, we would pull the rope up quickly, trapping the crab. Then we would yell, “I got one!” After a while, we mastered how to just open one side of the basket to dump the crab in the bucket we kept to collect the crabs we caught. Most days we would spend all day out on the pier catching crabs. We would stop when the sun was setting. Sometimes, we would just set the baskets open on the pier and come back for them the next day. Since we were there only ones there, we didn’t worry about anyone using them.

When we would get hungry, we would take a break and go in and get something to eat. Then back outside. Majority of our time was spent on the pier or on the little patch of beach when the tide didn’t come in. Here is where the sneakers come in.  The bottom of the ocean was so dirty and muddy, sneakers were required. Otherwise you would get stuck or cut yourself on whatever was underwater that you couldn’t see. 

We invented a game to play while playing out in the water. It was called, Who Flung Poo. How it worked was, you would reach down underwater and grab a handful of the mud and throw it at whoever you wanted to. As you threw it, you would yell out, “who flung poo”, and it would hit that person unless they ducked under water or swam away. Majority of the time it was a direct hit. By the time we were done playing that, we stunk and had to get showered before sitting down to dinner. There was a bathroom with a shower by the back door near the kitchen.  My mom got us a change of clothes because we were too dirty to go upstairs for a change of clothes. 

Dinner, you guessed it, was the crabs that we caught that day. It was so good, mom would fill the tray with crabs and everyone ate as many as they could eat. Then once we were all full, we would go play card games or board games. Then off to bed to rest up for another day of crabbing

A few days before we were to leave to go home, we would all pile into the car and head to the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ. That was fun. It was where we would go to the arcades and buy souvenirs. Mom would buy fudge and salt water taffy.  The boardwalk was a perfect ending to a really fun vacation. 

It was the best vacation our family ever went on. We all have great memories of our time there. I am sure I will be posting other stories of my time there again. It was good to remember this. Happy ready!


Where did it go?

I apologize for not posting any stories for a few days. The ideas just haven’t been coming to me. I feel that this will happen from time to time, and it will pass. But I feel a little lost when I don’t have a story posted. 

I don’t just want to write something just to have something posted. Because that would come across in the writing, and that is not what I want. I want the story to happen on it’s own. And I’m a little disappointed that that hasn’t been happening the past few days. Sometimes when I sit in the quiet and just relax, a story will form. It’s like the stories that I have posted have been in some sort of tank, and now it seems empty and needs to be filled up again. But I have nothing to fill the tank. 

I know story ideas will come to me again and I will write stories to make you smile and feel good. I guess I just put a lot of pressure on myself because I feel I need to keep up.  If anyone has any advice on how to move past this, please leave a comment below.  I just wanted to post how I was feeling. Thank you for listening. Feel free to read the stories that I have posted. 

Hopefully I will have a story later in the week. Happy reading!

Food Fight at the Bake Shop



Danielle was stopping by to see her friend Katie who is working at the local bake shop. They planned to get together for lunch today. So, Danielle thought she would keep her friend company until it was lunch time. Katie was mixing ingredients to make some mini carrot cakes. Once everything was mixed, she poured the batter into small cake pans and then put them in the oven and set the timer. She walked over to the table where Danielle was sitting and they shared of a cup of tea. They also shared a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies that Katey made for her earlier today. 

“What is on the bake sheet for today?” Danielle asks as Katie checks the clipboard with the list of cakes she has yet to make today. 

As Katie reads the list, she tells her, “Well, the carrot cakes are in the oven, then they will be done. Next up is vanilla cake with chocolate icing, then a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and rainbow sprinkles on it. So, not too much more. I can make them after we come back from lunch.” 

They used to be roommates, but Katie wanted to find a place closer to the bake shop. When she lived with Danielle, the commute was about an hour. She found a cute little efficiency apartment a block away. This works out great for her, she is able to come in early and get things set up and make sure the display case is filled before the door opens for the day. 

Katie was taking the carrot cakes out of the oven and putting them on a cooling rack, she didn’t notice that Danielle had walked over to where the bowl of buttercream icing was sitting,  Danielle was watching her take the cakes out and waited until she closed the oven door. Then she waited until she turned around. She had a spoon with some icing on it, ready to fling it towards Katie.

With a smirk on her face, knowing what Danielle was going to do, she warned, “don’t even think about it.” As she warned her, Katie grabbed a spoon and put some on her spoon, ready to fling it at Danielle. For a second, neither one of them moved. Seeing who would make the first move. 

Katie was the first to fling the icing. Hitting Danielle in the middle of her forehead. Then Danielle flung hers, hitting Katie on her cheek. And the food fight was on. Katie grabbing an egg and smashing it on the top of Danielle’s head. Danielle grabbed a handful of flour and flung it at Katie. Creating a cloud of flour. They both were reaching on the table not sure what they were grabbing and flinging it towards each other. Everything was flying, flour, sprinkles, icing, handfuls of butter. The floor became slippery and they both fell to the floor. Laughing so hard they couldn’t breathe. The kitchen was a mess. And they were covered from head to toe. 

When they caught their breath and looked around them, they knew if they didn’t clean this up before Katie’s boss came back in about an hour, Katie was going to get fired. So for the next hour and a half, they wiped down the counter, washed all the dirty dishes, mopped the floor. Making sure there was no evidence left of the food fight they just had. Katie got them to clean shirts with the bake shop logo on them so they had something clean to wear outside. They could walk to Katie’s apartment and get cleaned up. Susan worked the counter and came in at the end of them cleaning up and just chuckled and went back up to the counter saying nothing. Katie knew Susan would not say anything to the manager. After everything was cleaned up, Katie took the mini carrot cakes and put them in the display case. Then Danielle bought a few cookies and they were on their way. 

Walking up the stairs to her apartment, Katie said, “That was a close one, I thought Linda would have been back before we got everything cleaned up.” Danielle was giggling as she followed her up the stairs. “Yea, I thought so too, but it was so worth it.” After they got showered and changed, Katie ordered a pizza and the relaxed and watched a movie. They ended up falling asleep on the couch. Cleaning up all that mess exhausted them. But it wouldn’t be the last time that they would do that again. 

Sometimes going in early has its advantages. 

Rest Stop Dancer


Leslie is on a road trip up north to see her best friend Jill. They have been friends since high school. Jill has always been a free spirit and she never stays in one place for too long. Leslie never knows what place Jill will say she is next. As long as she is happy, Leslie just lets it be.

She has been on the road for a few hours, she is getting hungry and wants to get out of the car and stretch her legs. Just passing a sign that read service station is one mile. Following the signs, she takes the exit to take a little break. When she is parked, she gets out and walks around the car a few times. Leslie still hasn’t decided what she wants to eat, she looks around and decides to get a sandwich and an iced tea. Then goes and sits at an empty table. Relaxing and enjoying her sandwich, she texts Jill to let her know that she stopped for something to eat. Jill responds back that she is excited to seeing her. Leslie smiles and finishes her sandwich. She gets another iced tea for the road and heads back to the car. 

Leslie is back on the road after taking a break. She only has about four hours left to go. Arriving to Jill’s around dinner time. Leslie is excited because they haven’t seen each other in a few years. This is the break that she has been looking for. Work has been driving her crazy and it’s time to get away and just relax.

Traffic hasn’t been too bad, after getting past the cities, the traffic thins out and only a few cars are on the interstate. After driving for another two hours, she needs to fill up on gas. A sign for a gas station is five miles away. Leslie will pull off then and fill up. She is glad this trip is almost over. She loves road trips, but she is starting to get tired. 

The sign for the gas station comes up and she pulls off the exit and goes to fill up her tank. She looks over and see a rest area to the right. Once she is done, she will drive over to the rest area and just sit for a minute. There are a few people over there taking a break before heading back on the road. 

There is a couple with two small children, the parents are sitting on the picnic bench eating sandwiches, while the children run around and play. A gentleman with head phones is walking around the parking lot, every so often he would start dancing when a good part of the song comes on. Sometimes he even sings out loud. Everyone around stops and looks where the singing is coming from and just smiles and go back to what they were doing. Leslie chuckles and he reminds her of one of her friends back in high school. He would be walking down the hallway with head phones on, dancing to whatever song he was listening to and sing parts of the song. The guy at the rest stop was oblivious to others around him. He was just enjoying his break with some music. 

Leslie was back on the road knowing she didn’t have much further to go. Passing a sign that read the where Jill was. It was only a few more exits. She felt it was taking forever. But finally she came up on the exit and turned off the interstate. After checking the directions while at a stop sign, she found her way to Jill’s house. Finally off the road and time to relax and enjoy the time with her best friend.