Remembering 2nd Grade


I am not sure what made me think about this particular childhood memory. It made me smile to think about it. It was when I was back in 2nd grade. It was the best time I have ever spent in all my years in school. Because of the teacher I had. Mr Perlish. He made learning fun.

He would take pictures of those of us in the class. Not just in the classroom, he would take pictures of us outside playing or on field trips. Even when we were all in the auditorium. It wasn’t til many years later, we would see why he took the pictures. 

The pictures that he took, he saved to give to us when we were older. What he did was he made the pictures into postcards and would send them to us on our birthdays. He would wish us a happy birthday and would let us know how he was doing. I think from 2nd grade until I was in high school, I received a picture postcard every year of when I was his student, of things we did back then. I still have some of them. I saved as many as I could. 

It’s funny how some memories stay with you and are so vivid, that you remember how a room looked or what activity you were doing. There was one day where we had all the desk and chairs back against the wall all around the room. So we had a big open space to spread out this big sheet of brown paper. Then had all the colors of paints and brushes for us to paint. We all picked which part of the paper we wanted to paint on. Once we chose the colors we wanted, we all went on to paint. I don’t remember what others painted, but I remember I painted a flower. I think it was a daisy. I didn’t know how to paint anything else. When we were all done, and all the paint had dried, he hung it outside the classroom in the hallway for everyone to see when they walked by the room. We were all so proud of our work.

Not sure how this was exactly, but I remember having index cards with words that I needed to learn how to spell. Each day, if we were able to spell the word correctly, it would be crossed off and then it was on to the next word. There were ten words on the card. If you misspelled the word that day, you would be given another chance to spell it, if you still misspelled it, you would have the next day to try again. You wouldn’t move on until you spelled it correctly. He wasn’t mean about it or made you feel bad. He would suggest different ways of learning how to spell it. 

Recess we would play on the swings and run around as kids do. There was a sandbox, but I didn’t really play in it that much, because I didn’t like getting the sand in my shoes. On rainy days, we spent recess in the classroom drawing pictures or just messing around. Everyone got along, no one got out of control. We all liked our teacher, so we all wanted to be there to see what fun thing we would learn that day. 

Most of us didn’t pack a lunch, there were a few that did, but most of us got our lunch at school. I don’t remember a lot of what they had for lunches, it was the usual for school lunches. What I do remember is when I had a Mr Goodbar candy bar. Everytime after that, I made sure that I had the change to get one when we went to lunch. When I have one now, it takes me back to this time. I even remember how the cafeteria was layed out. 

I know this is short, I just wanted to share a childhood memory that made me smile. I hope this helps to take you back to a time in your childhood that makes you smile. 

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Happy reading!


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