Memories of Oak Orchard(part 2)


One year, we had my uncle, aunt, cousin, my uncle’s friend and his wife came with us for a week. Also, my other uncle and aunt, and my five cousins were there too. Everyone had their own place and we would meet up on the pier to catch crabs. After lunch, all the cousins and my brothers and sister and I, would walk down the street and buy candy.  We would try to save it for as long as we could, but after a day or so, we would have to walk back up to the store to get more candy. It wasn’t a busy street, we didn’t worry about traffic. 

This one memory of my uncle and his friend sitting at the end of the pier one night. Trying to fish by flashlight. You would have to have known my uncle to understand that this was a cool idea. He could convince an Eskimo to sell ice water. Anyway, It was dark and us being us, we wanted to have a little fun with them while they were trying to fish with the flashlight. 

We went back to our cottages and got a few boxes of Whoppers, and then went back out to the end of the pier. They didn’t hear us come back out behind them, my uncle was so focused on seeing if a fish was on the line. Then we started throwing the Whoppers one at a time over their heads into the water. My uncle would shoot the flashlight to where he thought he saw a fish jump out of the water. We would wait a few minutes and then do it again in a different spot. Then we would throw one over and then another one right after that, having him think that there were two fish at the same time. They realized it was us when we couldn’t hold back laughing so hard we had to sit down on the pier so we didn’t fall off the pier into the water.  They didn’t sit out on the end of the pier after that. 

I don’t remember if we used the squid we had sitting on the pier for the crab baskets, but I remember it was there. Because a few of us stepped on it. And we did that gross funky dance when you step on something disgusting and you feel that you can’t get it off the bottom of your foot. Makes me shiver just thinking about it. 

Did you know that you can catch a flounder in a crab basket? Neither did I until it actually happened. As I was pulling the string up from the crab basket, I could feel something moving around in the basket, I just thought I had caught two crabs. NOPE. I held up the basket and just kept yelling, “I caught a fish!! I caught a fish!!” Everyone came over and saw it was a flounder. We got a separate bucket and filled it with some water and put the fish in it to take back to the cottage later. We weren’t done crabbing for the day.  Back then, I didn’t like fish, so someone else ate the fish. That was the only time I got a fish in the crab basket. 

One memory I have that still makes me chuckle to this day, is the wooden screen door that we would let slam as we would run out the door to go out to the pier. We would open that door wide, and we would be half way around the front of the cottage, and then you would hear SLAM!! I can’t tell you how many times we were told not to slam the door. Would never fail to happen. 

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