Where did it go?

I apologize for not posting any stories for a few days. The ideas just haven’t been coming to me. I feel that this will happen from time to time, and it will pass. But I feel a little lost when I don’t have a story posted. 

I don’t just want to write something just to have something posted. Because that would come across in the writing, and that is not what I want. I want the story to happen on it’s own. And I’m a little disappointed that that hasn’t been happening the past few days. Sometimes when I sit in the quiet and just relax, a story will form. It’s like the stories that I have posted have been in some sort of tank, and now it seems empty and needs to be filled up again. But I have nothing to fill the tank. 

I know story ideas will come to me again and I will write stories to make you smile and feel good. I guess I just put a lot of pressure on myself because I feel I need to keep up.  If anyone has any advice on how to move past this, please leave a comment below.  I just wanted to post how I was feeling. Thank you for listening. Feel free to read the stories that I have posted. 

Hopefully I will have a story later in the week. Happy reading!


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