Midnight Bowling


At the bowling alley near Maggie, Saturday nights they turn off the normal lights off and turn on the special lights for midnight bowling. They have this ball above the lanes that spins with all different colors. And they play music while everyone bowls. 

Maggie brought her best friend Claire with her. They always come to midnight bowling. Claire mostly bowls gutter balls because she is too busy watching some guy that she finds cute. Maggie isn’t that much better, but she does knock down some of them when she really tries. 

When Maggie was done taking her turn, Claire stood up and went to pick up her ball. Before she picked it up, she said “check out Mr. Tight Jeans over there.” Pointing to the group of guys the next lane over. He was the one taking his turn. They both watched as he took his turn. He bowled a strike. Mr. Tight Jeans bowled like he was on a league. Claire looked up at their board and noticed that he bowled a few strikes,  one or two spares, and some where he only knocked down a few pins. He had the highest score out of the group. And he had a killer smile that could turn your legs to jello. 

Claire was up, and she wanted to make sure to not get a gutter ball this time. She gave herself a little pep talk, no gutter ball, tight jeans is watching. If you can’t get a strike, at least knock some of the pins down, BUT NO GUTTER BALL!!  Maggie couldn’t hear what she was saying, so she just giggled and sipped on her iced tea. Claire stepped up and swung her arm back and then forward, letting the ball go. So far, the ball rolled down the middle, went slightly to the left, but didn’t go towards the gutter. Knocking down all but four pins. Maggie watched and then cheered after the pins reset. Claire looked over at tight jeans, he wasn’t paying attention to her or Maggie. She was on a mission to make him notice her. Maggie just shook her head and chuckled. 

Maggie was up and she knocked down half of the pins, a spare. Claire cheered and high fived her when she came back to sit down. They took a few minutes to take a sip of their iced tea. Watching the group of guys with tight jeans. Claire was just watching him as he took his turn. All she could utter was, “Oh, that form, mmm mmm mmm.” Maggie rolled her eyes and was checking the others out. But wasn’t making any confession about which one she liked. Maggie is the more quiet and shy type. Claire is not. People can’t understand how two people that are so opposite can be friends. It just works for them. They have been best friends since high school.

They had a few frames left to go before the game was done. What Claire didn’t notice, but Maggie did, tight jeans has been checking Claire out most of the night. He is just more subtle that she is. Maggie didn’t want to say anything because she didn’t know if he was interested or just checking her out.  

When midnight bowling was over, the overhead lights came back on and everyone covered their eyes for a second to readjust to the white lights. Then everyone was heading to the racks where the balls went. As Claire was returning hers, Mr. Tight Jeans walked up to her. She was surprised when he was kind of shy when he spoke. 

“Hi, my name is Jeremy.” He extended his hand to shake hers. She gave him her hand and he held onto it and continued, rather stumbled over his words, “yea, um, I , uh was wondering if you would like to come back here with me sometime. For like a date.” She thought he was so adorable asking her out. She didn’t know he was checking her out. But she is glad that he was.

Squeezing his hand a little, she smiled and responded excitedly, “Yes, I would love to. Let’s exchange numbers and we can talk and get to know each other better over dinner sometime, and then come here afterwards.” He smiled and nodded. They exchanged phone numbers and parted ways.

Maggie had to escort Claire to the car because she was so happy she floated out of the bowling alley. They finished off the night at the diner a block away.


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