Caller Fifteen


“The time has come,” the DJ announced, “here is your chance to win tickets to the hottest concert this year. I will take caller number ten. Good luck.”

Jamie and her friend Chelsea have been tuned in for the past two hours waiting for the DJ to announce when to call for a chance to win tickets. They have been fans of the Chase Walker band for years. Jamie has a crush on the lead singer, Chelsea is into the drummer.  They are both trying to win the tickets. They have the station number set in their phones and are already dialing.

“Hello, you are caller number 5, try again.” The operator says when Jamie calls.

“Hello, you are caller number 8, try again.” The operator says when Chelsea calls.

They both sit back on the couch defeated. Always the optimist, Chelsea turns to Jamie and says, ” We still have another chance next hour.” Jamie isn’t feeling too optimistic, but nods her head. They stay tuned into the station and listen to some music and chit chat to pass the time until they announce when to call again. 

Jamie fills in Chelsea on what Maria is baking at the bake shop. Chelsea talks about a few hook ups at work. With her being a receptionist for a law firm, she knows when two people are seeing each other, some people are not so subtle. 

“This is WMJQ FM, it’s that time again. We are looking for caller fifteen this time. If you are the fifteenth caller, you will win two tickets to see the Chase Walker band. Good luck.” Then the DJ cuts to a commercial. They both grab their phones and start to dial. Busy signal. They both dial again. Jamie’s call goes through and rings. Chelsea gets another busy signal. She hangs up and waits to see if Jamie will be the winner.

“Hello, you are caller fifteen, congratulations!!” The operator says excitedly, but Jamie is so surprised she doesn’t say anything at the moment. Then it hits her and she lets out this scream and looks at Chelsea with a grin and nodding her head letting her know that she won.

“I can’t believe I won!!!” Jamie tries catching her breath as the operator asks for her information so they can send the tickets. She gives her address and her phone number and then hangs up. Chelsea hugs Jamie and they are so excited. They didn’t think they would win. They had been trying for days. Today was their lucky day. The tickets are for next Friday night.

Jamie thought it would be cool to go to the concert in a limo. So she set one up to pick her and Chelsea up and her place. The driver came on time and they arrived at the venue about an hour before the show started. It was packed, but they didn’t care, the tickets they won put them close to the stage. Jamie would be able to Chase Walker, the lead singer up close. And Chelsea would be able to see the drummer, Danny Lyons. They found their seats and just waited. 

Show time!! The lights blinked to let everyone know that the show would be starting. Everyone started to cheer as the lights came up on the stage. Chase was the first to walk on stage, Jamie just sighed and instantly started to fan girl. The rest of the band strolled on stage, Chelsea sighed when she saw Danny take his seat at the drums. 

They swayed through the ballads, and then rocked out on the rest of them. Jamie sang every lyric. She could have swore that Chase looked at her a few times and smiled. Maybe he did, she will let that live with her. Because she knows he smiles at everyone who is close to the stage and enjoying the show.  Jamie and Chelsea may have been sitting together, but they were having separate experiences and enjoying every second of it. 

When the band was getting ready to leave the stage, Danny was about to toss out his drum sticks. Chelsea called out to Danny for one of the drum sticks. He turned to her and tossed it to her. Then winked and turned around to go backstage. 

They were floating walking back to the limo. Chelsea was afraid that someone would try and take the drum stick out of her hand, she stuck it down the front of her shirt. Jamie just had a grin glued to her face because Chase smiled at her. This is a night that they will remember forever. And they experienced it together. 



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