Jack Attack


It was three o’clock Friday afternoon. Ruby had finished up proof reading her reports and was straightening up her desk to pass the time until the end of the day. One more hour and she was done for the weekend. Jack is in the cubicle next to hers still working on proof reading. He still had a few to get through. Ruby offered to help him, but he said he would finish them in time. Once she was done straightening up, she went through some manual and made sure they were update and threw out outdated information. 

Ruby and Jack have worked together for a few years. Jack transferred from another department and she trained him on how to proof read the reports. They got along really well. Sometimes too well. Others in the office would complain about them having too much fun. They ignored them and had fun. The boss didn’t have a problem with them because they did their job very well. Their performance didn’t suffer from their shennanigans. It was just the way they passed the time when things were slow.

After Jack had been there a few months, he found out it was her birthday. So he filled her cubicle with balloons. As payback, Ruby filled his cubicle with styrofoam peanuts and put clear packing tape across the opening of his cubicle, so when he went to go and take the peanuts out, his face smashed into the tape. Ruby almost peed her pants she was laughing so hard.  They never knew what they were going to come into when the arrived at work in the morning. 

Ruby went to go get a cup of tea while Jack was finishing up his last report. She could hear him still clicking away when she returned to her cubicle. As she was relaxing and enjoying her cup of tea, she got a mischevious grin on her face. She was about to launch an attack on Jack. She opened her drawer and took out some rubber bands and paper clips. She lined them up on the desk. It’s been awhile since she has done this to him. 

She wrapped the rubber band around her finger and placed the paper clip in the rubber band and pulled back. Aimed it just so, so that it would go over to his cubicle. It flew over the cubicle wall and you could hear the ping of the paper clip hit the desk. Jack was so focused on Dhis computer screen that he jumped when it hit the desk. 

As it flew over, she yelled, “Jack attack!” Then she giggled when she heard it hit the desk.

“Ruby!” He yelled back at her. “I am trying to finish this up.” Jack sighed and went back to work. 

“Ok, I will let you finish up, I will go get another cup of tea and leave you be.” Walking to the break room to make another cup of tea, her co-worker Diane followed her in the break room. 

“Hi Diane, how’s it going?” Ruby asks as she stirs in the sugar.

“Doing good, glad the day is almost over. You doing anything this weekend?” Diane is asking because she has been trying to get Ruby to go out with her and some of the other women in the office out for drinks. Ruby always declines. But it doesn’t stop her from asking.

“No, not doing anything, just going to relax.” Then Ruby picks up her cup of tea and heads back to her desk.

While she has been gone, Jack went to her computer and brough up her screen saver and changed it so that it would scroll a sentence on the screen. So anyone that would walk by would see it. He put the message as ‘don’t stand close behind Ruby, she has really bad gas.’ By the time she returned to her desk, Jack was back at his desk as if he never moved. He heard her return and was waiting for her reaction. At first she didn’t notice, she just moved her mouse and was checking email. Then when she was checking something in her file drawer, the screen saver came on and she looked up from the file and read it. 

She was laughing too hard to respond. When she caught her breath she said, “Jack, you bastard, I will get you back for that.” He was laughing and challenged, “I will be waiting for it.”



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