Carnation Connection

Another plain envelope has been slipped under her door. No name or return address is on it. Just her name written on the front. This is the second one she has received. No clue who could be sending them. Whoever it is, they come by when she is asleep, because she finds the envelope at her door in the morning when she wakes up.

The note is not long, but leaves her with so many questions.


I have been admiring you ever since we were teenagers. None of your friends know that I am interested in you. I have kept it a secret all the time. All will be revealed in good time.

your secret admirer

Marcy was in a relationship for about two years with someone that worked for the same company she did, but it just didn’t work out. She thought maybe it was George. She called him and asked him thinking he wanted to try making it work again. He told her it wasn’t him. Reading the letter over and over, trying to find some clue as to who this could be. No one seems to come to mind. Putting the letter back in the envelope, she gets ready for work.

She works with Betty , the office manager, at the front desk for a law firm. Marcy screens the calls and transfers them to the appropriate associate, while Betty keeps track of the appointments and schedules meetings in the conference room. They take turns making coffee in the lunch room and filing cases in the file room. 

It was a slow day at work and Betty let Marcy leave a little early. There were no meetings set up for the rest of the afternoon and the phone were quiet. Marcy thanked her and logged out for the day. Since she didn’t want to stop at the store on the way home, she made herself a cup of tea to-go.  On her way to her car, she noticed something on her windshield under one of the wiper blades. It was a carnation, her favorite flower. she picked it up and looked around the parking lot. No one was there. It made her a little nervous because this person knows where she lives and where she works.  She got in her car and put the flower in the second cup holder next to her cup of tea. Marcy wasn’t sure she wanted to go home, there might be another letter. Since she couldn’t figure out any place to go, she went home.

Just as she expected, there was a letter waiting for her when she opened her door. She picked it up and brought it with her to the living room. She sat down and tossed it on the coffee table. Fighting the temptation to read it, she turned on the tv and drank the rest of her tea while watching an episode of Friends. When the show was over, she went to the kitchen to make another cup of tea. When the water was ready, she made her tea and came back into the living room. She sat down and just stared at the envelope again. Not sure if she wanted to know what this one said. The first line of the last one kept going over and over in her head,  since we were teenagers. Marcy was trying to think back to remember who could be doing this. Again, she couldn’t think of anyone. The guy friends that she had back then, all had girlfriends. 

Temptation won, she grabbed the envelope and open it. Thinking that it wasn’t going to say all that much, she expected the letter to pretty much be as vague as the last one. This time, it gave a little clue about a party they were both at. 


Can you remember back to when you, Julie , and Amy went to Susan Peterson’s keg party? It was the party where everyone was having a great time until the cops showed up and shut it down. I was in the dining room with a couple of my friends. You ladies were sitting on the couch in the living room talking with Susan and her friend Ashley.

All will be revealed soon.

Marcy sat back on the couch and tried to remember that party. She remembers Susan and Ashley, but she doesn’t remember anyone in the dining room. That’s where all the guys were playing beer pong. So she didn’t really pay much attention to them. Marcy kind of wish she did pay attention, because it might tell her who these letters are from. But she was drawing a blank. Putting the letter back in the envelope, she walks over to the desk and puts it with the other note. She didn’t save the first letter because it scared her, she threw it out. When she received the second letter, she saved it and put it on her desk. Marcy is saving them for when this person reveals themselves. Maybe it will make sense then. 

She tosses and turns all night. These letters are making her crazy. Instead of laying there, she gets up and goes to the living room and picks up the last letter she received. Reading it over slowly. As if they will help at all. It doesn’t. Marcy goes to the kitchen to get some juice. She is going to try and go back to sleep.  Eventually she does fall into a deep sleep. 

The next morning, as she is walking through the living room to go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, she looks towards the door. Another one arrived. Sitting on the floor in front of the door. For a second, she thought of not reading it and placing it outside the door for this person to see it. To let them know that she doesn’t find this fun or exciting. But frustrating and stupid. Then she reconsiders and hopes that in this letter, there is some type of a reveal so all this can be over. She is surprised with this letter, because he wants to meet. Her heart jumps to her throat. 


I think it is time for me to reveal who this is. I won’t tell you here. I would prefer meeting you in person. Please meet me tomorrow at 2:00 pm at the coffee shop down the street from your apartment. I will explain everything when I see you.

your secret admirer

Marcy has been waiting for this. Finally, he is going to reveal himself. She will find out why he didn’t just contact her instead of doing this. To stop watching the clock, she plays some games on the computer. Too anxious to eat, she goes to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Returning to her computer, she checks her email, responds back to her friend about dinner this weekend. After one more game of solitaire, she goes to get showered and dressed. 

Dressed and ready to go, she grabs her purse and keys and leaves. When she gets to her car, she notices he left a carnation on the windshield. Marcy takes it in the car with her and places it in the cup holder and drives off. She arrives at the coffee shop in about 10 minutes. Not many people are in the coffee shop, she looks around and doesn’t recognize anyone familiar. The waitress seats her, Marcy tells the waitress that someone will be joining her. She nods and goes to get her a cup of tea. Marcy is facing the door, everyone that walks in, she wonders if that is him. It isn’t and they are seated at other tables. She sees her friend Jeremy walk in. That isn’t unusual, he comes here all the time. He lives alone and hates to cook. So he comes here for lunch and dinner. He looks her way and smiles and goes up to the counter and orders a coffee. Marcy still watching the door like a hawk. Still no sign of secret admirer. 

When Jeremy gets his coffee, he walk towards her table. She hopes that he is just saying hello and leaving. She doesn’t want to have the secret admirer think that she is with someone. As he approaches, he has one hand behind his back holding something, the other holding his cup of coffee. She smiles as he reaches the table and sits down. 

He takes his hand from behind his back and places something on the table. She looks down and her eyes open wider and she gasps. It is a carnation. He watches her reaction and just nods. Jeremy sets his coffee cup on the table and tells her everything. 

“I have wanted to ask you out since we were teenagers, I didn’t because I didn’t think you would take me seriously since I was always joking around. So I just kept my feelings to myself. I didn’t want to lose the friendship we had. And if you would have rejected me, it would have broke my heart and I couldn’t of handled it then. Then when you were with George, I was sad, because he didn’t appreciate the person that you are and how beautiful you are. You are beautiful to me. Just how you are. I would leave you the carnations, because I know that’s your favorite flower. But also, because I gave you a carnation when I first met you. They were selling them at school and I wanted to show you that I cared about you. I thought you might have picked up on that back then. But you didn’t, you thanked me and didn’t think anything more of it.”

She was listening to every word he said. She was shocked that he had feelings for her. It warmed her heart to know that he cared that much. And after all this time, he remembered her favorite flower. 

Marcy sat back in her seat for a moment and absorbed everything Jeremy said. Then it was her turn to give him a little shock. 

“When you gave me the carnation when we first met, I thought you were giving me one because every else was getting one and you noticed no one gave me one.  Because you felt sorry for me. But now I see that it was because you really were trying to tell me without saying it. I am sorry I didn’t see it then. But I see it now.” She took a sip of her tea and then asked, ” I know I am accepting many years late. Yes I will go out with you.” She reached over and took his hand and squeezed, then she picked up the carnation and winked at him. By his big grin, you would think she just gave him a million dollars. 

He received something even more special: Marcy.



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