Nailed It

Kady bought a house about two years ago, and has slowly been fixing it up to make it her own. Most of what she wants done she has done herself. A bargain hunter since she was a teenager, she has found some really cool pictures and accents for around the house. She has taken a week’s vacation from work to interview contractors to fix up her kitchen. 

Most of last week, she researched and made a list of contractors she was interested in coming to the house to fix up the kitchen. She called them and set up a day and time for when they could stop by and give her an estimate. Kady had each contractor come each day for the next week.

All but one of the contractors were out of her price range. Except for one. He was willing to work with her on price. Once they sat down and wrote everything out. The work was set to start Monday. Kady was excited to start having the work get started. 

Monday morning, the contractor arrived. Kady had everything out of the kitchen and in boxes in the dining room. She let him in and lead him to the kitchen. Before she headed out to work, she said, “Call me on my cell if you have any questions, otherwise, I will be back around six thirty.” Sloan nodded and started to take down the cabinet doors. He brought a worker with him to help take down the doors. Then she left them to the job.

Kady was on a lunch break and decided to check in with Sloan.”How are things going?” She could hear the other guy working in the background as Sloan answered, “everything is going great. How is your day going?” She didn’t expect him to ask her, but she answered, “going good.” She was having a hard time concentrating. All she could think about was Sloan. After a few minutes of small talk, she hung up and tried to go back to work. She still couldn’t concentrate. Kady was a file clerk at a law firm, and a few times she filed the wrong client file in the wrong location. She spend more time refiling than she did filing. Out of frustration, she found something else to do until she was done work for the day.

When she arrived home, Sloan was starting to clean up and getting ready to leave for the day. Kady was hoping to catch him working. He was picking up the cabinet doors and placing them out back. She was upstairs changing out of her work clothes into a t shirt and sweat pants. When she came back down, Sloan was packing up his tools.

“I am going to get going. I will be back tomorrow. Have a good night.” He slung his tool belt over his shoulder and was walking out towards the front door. Kady caught him at the front door.

She wanted to ask him to stay, but decided against it. “Have a good night too. See you tomorrow.” He walked out the door and she closed the door and went to her desk. Since Sloan started working today, she wasn’t able to make any dinner or make a cup of tea. So she grabbed her purse and keys and headed to the diner down the street.

Her best friend Janie is a waitress at the diner. When Kady arrived, Janie sat her at one of her booths and brought her a cup of tea. Janie already knew what she wanted, so she went back to the kitchen to put in the order.

Then she saw him walk in.

Janie brought Kady her club sandwich, and as she was setting it down in front of her, she looked in the direction Kady was and gasped. “Is that who is working on your kitchen?” She couldn’t answer so she just shook her head yes. The only thing Janie said before walking away was, “jackpot.”

He was walking towards her table. He was alone. When he came to her table he asked, “mind if I join you?” She gestured with her hand to have a seat and he sat down. When Janie returned to the table, he pointed to Kady’s plate and said, “I will have what she is having. I will have iced tea instead of hot tea.” Janie nodded and went to go put the order in. She returned with his drink and winked at Kady and went to wait on other customers.

Kady didn’t know what to talk about, so she just ate her sandwich. Janie brought his sandwich and asked if they needed anything else. They both shook their head no. They ate in silence for a few more minutes. Then Sloan broke the silence. “I really think the kitchen will look nice with want you want done.” She nodded. “I know this must be weird, but there is something about you, not sure what it is, but I can’t get you out of my mind.”

Kady looked up and shyly said, “Same here.” She blushed as she continued eating. He smiled. Something about him made her feel good. As awkward as it was, she also started to feel comfortable. That he was safe to be around. Kady’s last relationship didn’t make her feel that way. He cheated on her through most of their time together. Sloan is sweet and looks at her when she talks. He listens. That is important to her.

They both started to relax and get to know each other. He made her laugh with his jokes and crazy stories of some of the customers he has worked for. She would tell him stories of some of the hook ups at work, a few she had walked in on. He had a great laugh. It was a real laugh. They were discovering they had an attraction to one another.

When they were done their sandwiches. Sloan offered to pay, but she

said Janie gives her a break and she doesn’t pay. But Sloan insisted on paying for both and left a nice tip for Janie. Kady thanked him and said good bye to Janie. Sloan told Janie that it was nice meeting her. She blushed and then went back to work.

They stood at Kady’s car for a bit and continued talking. Sloan was working up the courage to ask her out, but was nervous because she was a customer. He wasn’t sure if she would accept.

He took a deep breath and then asked her, “would you like to go out to dinner with me tomorrow night?” She stood for a few moments. Kady has wanted him to ask since he first came to the house for an estimate. “Yes, I would like that.”

“Do you like italian food?” He asked, making plans in his head.

“Yes I do.”

“Great. If you don’t mind. I will finish up work early tomorrow. I will have everything ready for when you get home from work.”

“But all my dishes are in boxes in the living room.”

“It’s ok, I will take care of getting everything. All you will need to do is, when you get home, change out of your work clothes into something comfortable.”

She nods but isn’t so sure what she is getting into. But she is curious to see where this goes.

The next evening, she is on her way home. She has been dying to know what Sloan has planned. He hasn’t given any hints to anything. With each mile, she is getting more and more excited.

Sloan finished up early and is in the process of setting everything up for dinner. On one half of the table he has placed a few candles. He bought a bouquet of flowers and picked up a vase to put them in. Then he set out two plates and glasses. Dinner is warming in the oven and he will take it out when Kady arrives.

Kady walks through the door and calls out to Sloan, “I am home, I will go change and be right down.” From the dining room, he answers back, “ok, when you come down come into the dining room.”

She quickly gets changed and comes downstairs and enters the dining room. She cannot believe what she sees. Her heart melts. She didn’t know Sloan was the romantic type. He walks to her and takes her hand. She lets him lead her to her chair, he pulls it out and pushes her chair in. “I will go get dinner, be right back.” She nods. He gets the pizza that was warming in the oven and holds it up with one hand as he enters the dining room. He stands next to her and opens the box. Then says, “You said you like Italian food.” She laughs and takes a slice and puts it on her plate. He puts two slices on his plate and then places it on the dining table. Before he sits down, he goes to the fridge to grab a bottle of iced tea and pours some in her glass and then in his.

He holds up his glass for a toast, she raises hers. He says, “Here is to new and exciting beginnings.” They clink glasses and then eat their pizza.

Sloan finished the kitchen within a few weeks. They have been happily dating ever since.



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