The Chubby Bunny Challenge


All her friends were sitting around the table wondering what game they were going to play tonight. They were not told anything, just to come and to get ready to try something new. Mandy came in from the kitchen carrying a bag filled with marshmallows. She looked around at everyone’s reactions as she took each bag out and put them on the table. Most of them looked confused, but her one friend Stephanie new what game it would be. She started to giggle and said, “I can’t believe you want to try this.” Mandy was giggling too and announced, “we are going to play a game called Chubby Bunny.”

She explained the rules as she passed out the bags of marshmallows to everyone, ” How this works is, you put one marshmallow in your mouth and then say Chubby Bunny. You cannot swallow it. Everyone takes a turn. The person with the most in their mouth and can still say Chubby Bunny wins.” Mandy gave everyone a plastic bag to spit their marshmallows in when they couldn’t go on. Once everyone understood the game, they drew numbers from a bowl to see who would start. First up was Allie, then Julie, Debbie, and last was Mandy.

They each were able to do fine on the first two rounds. The third round started to get harder. Their cheeks puffed out and giggled after they said Chubby Bunny. You could still understand them. The fourth and fifth round, was getting harder. Julie was trying to suck in to stop from drooling, but failing, ” oh ny osh, I am ooling.” Everyone was laughing because it was hard to understand her.


It was the eighth round. Allie tapped out. She spit her wad of marshmallows out and said, “I can’t fit anymore in my mouth.”  It was down to Julie, Debbie, and Mandy. Julie was up, she put the eighth one in her mouth and pushed it in and much as she could, then said in a very muffled voice, “chuhhy unny.” She was laughing, she had to cover her mouth to keep them in her mouth.  Debbie was having trouble as well, but she was able to keep it in and shout it out as Debbie did. Mandy put her eighth one in and as she was going to say chubby bunny, she laughed and the marshmallows came out of her mouth. She spit the rest out in the bag. “I was laughing too hard to say it.” The two left were Julie and Debbie.

They both struggled with the ninth one, but both were able to barely keep them in. And it was really hard to understand them, but they were both able to make it sound like chubby bunny. So Mandy would count it. They were on the tenth one. Julie was up and it took her a minute to get herself ready. She held up the marshmallow in her hand, then shoved it in her mouth and waited a second. Then she yelled out, ” chuhhee uhhnee.” Mandy shook her head , then said, ” Ok Debbie, if you can get this in your mouth and say chubby bunny, we go to the next round, if you can’t, then Julie is the winner.” Debbie shook her head and reached in the bag for a marshmallow. She took a minute to get ready. Then she shoved it in her mouth. Making sure it wouldn’t fall out, she looked up and in a very muffled voice, “huuhy uunny.” Then she had to spit them out, her cheeks were hurting. Julie raised her arms in victory, “I won!!!” Everyone clapped and congratulated Julie. Mandy had everyone hand her the their bags and announced, ” I have trays of sandwiches and drinks on the counter in the kitchen, come in and grab a sandwich and come back in here to continue our night.” Everyone got up and served themselves and went back to the dining room.


Mandy got herself a sandwich and something to drink and joined everyone at the table. “Did you all enjoy the game?” Debbie shook her head and then answered, “that was a lot of fun. I will never look at marshmallows the same again.” They all laughed and then Allie said, ” I agree, it was a lot of fun.” Julie was finishing up a bite and then said, ” I think we should have game night at Mandy’s. She always has the best ideas for games.” Mandy smiled and kept eating. After everyone was finished their sandwiches, it was time for dessert. She had a cheesecake in the fridge. Whenever they got together, they would always have cheesecake. They felt that is helped them figure things out and was good for the soul. Good friends and good cheesecake. Nothing could be better.

When she saw that everyone was done, she got up and went to the fridge and brought back in the cheesecake. Everyone cheered. Mandy asked around the table who wanted a piece. She cut each slice and passed it around until everyone had a piece. Instead of toasting with their drinks, they all raised their forks. Mandy made the toast, ” To good friends, a fun game night, and good cheesecake. Enjoy everyone.” With that, everyone dug in to their cheesecake.

Debbie was the first to get up. She had to get going. Her husband was out of town on a business trip and she had a sitter for her daughter and couldn’t stay any longer. “I am sorry I have to go, but the babysitter could only stay for a few hours.” Mandy got up and went over to where Debbie was and gave her a hug. “Thank you for coming, I am glad you got some time out and had fun. We will do it again soon.” Debbie hugged the other ladies and then left. Julie and Allie were getting ready to leave too. Mandy gave them both a hug and said, “thank you so much for coming. Let’s get together soon and do this again. I will have to think of other games to play.” Julie smiled and said, “definitely, let me know what games you are thinking of. I will bring snacks or sandwiches or whatever, just let me know.” Allie chimed in with a good idea, “how about we do a slumber party like we did when we were kids.” Mandy and Julie looked at each other and grinned in agreement. Mandy responded, “that is an awesome idea.  Call me and we can get things rolling. I am getting excited at the idea.” Then Julie and Allie leave.

As Mandy is cleaning up, she giggles at the idea of having a slumber party. If Debbie didn’t have to leave, she would have told them all to stay for a slumber party. Once everything was cleaned up, she turned off the lights and headed up to bed.


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