Believe in Yourself

Everyone around me believes in me, why can’t I believe in myself? Has all the negative talking to myself really make me self doubt myself in achieving anything? It did for a long time. Goals that I wanted to set, I thought were too high, so I told myself that it wasn’t possible. I would do this for many many years. Enough to where I actually believed the negative. The belief was not stronger than the self doubt at that point.

I was living my life, doing what I was supposed to do. Not thinking that I could do better. I had settled. Giving up in a way. Putting myself on cruise control and let things happened as they happened. But nothing did happen, because I didn’t do anything to change. Like the saying goes ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’. I would just shrug my shoulders and tell myself, oh well, it’s just how it is. I accepted to just being, instead of being happy. I learned that they are two very different things.

Just being means, at least to me, you are settling watching everyone else achieve their goals and dreams, while you tell yourself you don’t deserve them and to let it go.

Being happy means, having the confidence and the determination to do what you want to do and not worrying about what others think. Let the naysayers say nay, and  not believe you have to accept no for an answer. Not seeking others approval. Being happy means, living the life you have always wanted. And believing that you deserve it!!

For months, I would spend all day watching videos on how to start a blog. After watching all of them, you know what I got out of it? What they all kept saying? Very simply, just do it, just start. You will figure it out as you go. Just be honest and true to yourself and be patient. I started to believe that I might be able to do this. But I have to wait until I have a really amazing idea or story. I kept pushing it aside, telling myself, maybe next week, maybe next month.

Up to this point, I didn’t tell anyone what I wanted to do. Because I didn’t know if it was something they would approve of. Or if they thought it was a fun idea. I don’t know  where it came from, but I got this determination and motivation to just do it.

I told a few people about wanting to start a blog. That I wanted to write short stories. They were supportive and gave me the confidence to know that this was possible. I remember sitting at my computer and staring at the screen to think of a good name. It took me a couple of hours, but I finally came up with a blog name that I love. Because Macey is a family nickname. And I am on the most amazing journey!!

I didn’t think I had interesting stories to tell. I like the stories I write, and I have a great time writing them. The feedback that I get after I post a story is awesome. It gives me the confidence to keep going.  I know that I will take a negative comment as constructive criticism and lean from it.

I am writing this because I want someone reading this to believe that you are amazing and can achieve anything you set your mind to. Is there something you have always wanted to try to do? Take it from me, don’t wait, just do it. Just start, the rest you can figure out as you go. That is what I am doing and I am having so much fun. I wanted to find fun to do. I found it!!  I am on the top of the world , just loving writing stories.

What do I get out of it?  I get the confidence that I can do something and do it well. I get the amazing pride in myself , that I am doing something that I want and the I love. To have someone read my stories and like them. I have endless possibilities to where this could take me. I now know, that I want to be a writer. I am a writer!! And I published something!! How amazing is that?

Hopefully this made sense. And I hope it motivated someone to try and start something new. Thank you for stopping by. Check back for a new story today. This was a personal journey post. Short story post will be out later today. Happy reading!



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