What’s inside the Cookie Jar

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Polly is at a shop that has ceramic pieces that you can decorate anyway you want. For yourself or make something special for someone. She is browsing all the shelves and comes across a cupcake shaped cookie jar. Polly is making this for her best friend’s birthday this weekend. She picks out the colors she wants to color the cupcake, sits at one of the random tables and starts to paint it.

She starts with the lid. A white top with rainbow jimmies sprinkled on top. And red for the cherry on top. Then she paints the bottom Ginger’s favorite color. Purple. It doesn’t take long for her to finish up. She wants to make something for herself, she saw a mug that she wanted and went to go get it off the shelf. When she sat back down. She stared at the mug for awhile, trying to decide how to decorate it. After a few minutes, she decided to paint it purple and write the word RELAX in white. Polly looked over her work and smiled. She loved the cupcake cookie jar, she almost decided to keep it for herself, but she isn’t. That’s why she made something for herself. To not be tempted to keep it. Denise came by the table to check on her, “they look great. Your friend is going to love it. And the mug looks great too.” Polly smiled and thanked her. She got up from the table and followed Denise to the counter to pay. Denise told her they would be ready for tomorrow. Then Polly left to go to the bakery to get Ginger’s favorite cookies.

On her way home, she stopped off at a supply store to pick up some bubble wrap and a box to fit the cookie jar in. Once she got what she wanted , she headed home. Polly placed everything on the living room couch after she got home and heated up the kettle to make a cup of tea and relax. In a few minutes, the kettle whistled and she poured the water in a mug and put the tea bag in to brew for a few minutes and headed to her desk to check her email.

After going through her emails, she decided to play a few games of solitaire. Before she started, she went to go make her tea and bring it back to the desk. Right as she sat down, her cell phone buzzed. It was Ginger. “Hi Pol, just wanted you to know that we are moving the time for Saturday to 4 instead of 2.” She shrugged her shoulders and replied, “ok, no problem.” Ginger explained, ” the manager said that Julie called out for Saturday, and no one wants to work it, so I have to do it.” Polly told her, ” relax darling, just think of it this way, once you are done on Saturday, you won’t have to go back until Monday afternoon. Remember? you have Sunday off.” She always knew how to calm her down. “I know,  and I promise I will relax and have a good time Saturday.” They talked for a few minutes more, then they hung up.

It was late Friday afternoon. Polly got done her shift at the deli. She made a sandwich and a milkshake to go for herself. Then cleaned up and walked to her apartment a block away. After she got home, she ate lunch and started to pack up the cookie jar. She packed so much bubble wrap in the box, there is no way it could move around. Polly went to the cabinet to get the cookies to put in the jar. Then she went to her computer and printed out the note that she wanted to add with the cookies. The note said a reservation was in her name for a weekend stay at a resort that Ginger has always wanted to go to. Polly has been saving up and was able to set it up for her birthday about a week ago. She got the confirmation email the other day. Polly was so excited, because Ginger really needed this getaway. She has been going through a tough time. And Polly wanted to do something that would make her feel special.

It was Saturday, Ginger’s birthday. Polly just got done getting dressed, when her phone rang. It was Ginger’s mother Marie. All the years that they have been friends, Ginger’s mother called her maybe 3 times. Polly answered on the second ring, ” What’s wrong?” she asked too worried for small talk. Her mother took a deep breath and softly said, choking back tears, ” Ginger was in an accident, I don’t know anything else. Can you meet me at the hospital?” Polly was choking back her own tears and said, “I’m on my way.” She grabbed the box with the cookie jar and her keys and left.

At the hospital, she rushed through the doors to emergency waiting room. She spotted Marie pacing. Polly rushed to her and held her for a moment. Then she stepped back. “What happened, did they say? Will they let you see her?” Her mom shook her head and said, ” They haven’t come out yet, I told them I was here and to let me know as soon as they can.” Polly shook her head and had to sit down before her legs gave out for under her. “Don’t worry about the party, I will let everyone know what’s going on.” Polly took out her cell phone and stepped outside. She called their best friend Lacey. She asked Lacey if she could call everyone. Lacey didn’t miss a beat and said that everything will be taken care of and to go back at take care of Ginger’s mom. Polly said before hanging up, ” I will give you updates as we get them, but it may be awhile, they just brought her in and we don’t know anything right now.” Lacey wrote down all the names Polly could remember at the moment of who is coming to the party. Then Lacey went to go start making calls.

After what seemed like hours waiting, the Dr came out and spoke with Marie. Polly was standing right beside her, the Dr explained, ” She was hit by a drunk driver at an intersection. Ginger was making a left turn and didn’t see the driver coming, her head hit the driver side window and spun the car around a few times. She has a concussion, cuts on her face from the shattered windshield. She will have a bruise across her chest from the seat belt locking. Other than that, she will be ok. We gave her something for the pain, so she may be out of it and she should sleep for a bit.” Her mom sighed and Polly caught her from falling to the floor. Her mom asked the Dr, “when can I see her?” The Dr said that she could go back but told Polly that she would be allowed since she isn’t family. She understood and told Marie that it will be ok, she will call Lacey to let her know. Her mom when back to see her daughter, while Polly stepped outside to give Lacey and update.

Polly stepped outside and took in a deep breath. When she let it out, she started to cry. She looked around for a quiet spot. There was a bench a few yards away from the entrance. Polly sat and cried tears of relief that her best friend will be on the mend. After a few minutes, she called Lacey. “Hey there, our girl will be fine. She has a concussion and some cuts on her face and a bruise across her chest from the seat belt. She was hit by a drunk driver. It will take time, but she will alright.” Lacey sighed and thanked her for calling her back. She was getting worried that it was more serious. “Her mom is in with her now. I’m gonna go back inside to see if they will let me see her. I’m sure her mom will allow me back there. I will tell her you were asking about her.” Lacey thanked her and then said, “don’t forget to take care of you. Make sure you and her mom get something to eat. I can bet you two have not eaten anything all day. Promise me you will.” Polly chuckled and promise they ate something. She sat on the bench for a few more moments and then walked back inside. She looked for Ginger’s mom, she must still be back there. So, as promised, she went to the cafeteria and got a sandwich and something to drink.

When she returned to the waiting room, Marie was waiting for Polly. She smiled and told Polly that she was allowed back, she gave the nurse permission for her to go back. Though she warned her, “Ginger looks pretty bad, her face is all cut up, I just wanted to let you know. She looks worse that she really is.” Marie took Polly’s hand and patted the back of it and smiled. Polly turned and walked to Ginger’s room. She was taking deep breaths because she didn’t want to break down in front of her. When she got to the door. She took another deep breath and stepped inside. What she saw took her breath away. Ginger looked so weak. She wasn’t used to seeing her best friend like this. She has never seen her like this. Bumps and bruises when they were kids, yes, but not like this. This could have been a lot worse.

Polly quiet walked to the side of the bed and took her hand that was not bruised and cut. She pulled the chair closer to the bed and sat down and just stroked her hand and watched her sleep. While Polly was sitting there, she remembered she had Ginger’s present in the car. She thought about getting it, but decided to wait until she is awake and feeling better before presenting it to her. She didn’t realize she drifted off to sleep until she heard Ginger’s voice. It seemed different , weak and soft, “Pol, wake up. Polly.” She picked up her head and smiled. “You woke up, I’m sorry I didn’t know I fell asleep. Can I get you something? Ice ? blanket?” Ginger chuckled, “relax darling, I am fine, just really sore.I’m glad you are here.” They would be chatting for a few minutes, then Ginger would drift off to sleep for a little bit. Polly would just sit back and watch the tv that was in the room. The nurse would come in to take vitals, then leave to attend to other patients. Then the Dr came in and said that she can go home after she goes to the bathroom. They need to be sure nothing internal is wrong. All tests came back negative. Ginger agreed, hoping it wouldn’t take long. Polly saved half her sandwich from earlier and offered it to Ginger. She ate it slowly.

When her sandwich had time to digest,  she had Polly walk her to the bathroom. Helped her sit down and then closed the door to give her privacy. Polly waited right outside the door. After a few moments, Ginger called Polly back in to help get her up and walked her back to her bed. Ginger wasted no time clicking the call button for the nurse. The nurse came in a minute later and she told her that the bathroom was successful. The nurse gave her a suspicious look. To which Ginger replied sarcastically, “if you don’t believe me, check out the new air freshener in there.” Polly couldn’t hold back a laugh and Ginger joined in. The nurse laughed and said she would tell the doctor.

Marie came back when the nurse told her that they would be discharging Ginger. While Polly was visiting with Ginger, Marie had gone to Ginger’s apartment and gotten a t shirt and sweatpants and some underwear. She was carrying the bag when she walked into Ginger’s room and let her know that she threw out her other clothes. Marie and Polly helped get Ginger dressed. Her mom insisted, “you are staying with me until you are better.” Ginger didn’t put up a fight. Polly announced, ” while you are being discharged, I have to go take care of something. I will meet you back at your mom’s.” Ginger frowned because she had no idea what she was talking about. Marie knew and smile. Ginger shrugged her one shoulder that didn’t hurt. Polly kissed the top of her head and then left.

Polly went to Marie’s house and decorated the house for Ginger’s birthday. It wouldn’t be with a house full of people. But she wanted Ginger to feel like they didn’t forget because of the accident. She hung the happy birthday banner up on the wall. Put balloons all over. Set the table with birthday plates and cups. Then she placed the box with the cookie jar on the table and then waited for them to arrive. The arrived about 30 minutes later.

Marie helped Ginger out of the car. Then they slowly made the walk into the house. When Ginger walked in,  she couldn’t really smile because it still hurt, but her eyes said it all. Her eyes lit up brighter than the sun shining outside. Tears were streaming down her face, she was so touched. Then she walked to the dining room table and looked around at the banner and balloons and chuckled. Then Polly sat down and put the box on her lap and said to Ginger, ” I made this for you and there is a surprise inside of the present.” Ginger’s eyes lit up just like they did at the door. She asked Polly if she could take it out because her one arm was too sore to pick up anything. So Polly stood up and put the box on the table and then lifted the cookie jar out of the box. Ginger chuckled and said, “you and your bubble wrap.” Polly giggled and unwrapped it. Then Polly sat down and let Ginger look at what it was and excited for her to see what was inside. “A cupcake cookie jar! So cool!!” then with her one had, grabbed the cherry on top and pulled it up. She placed the lid on the table and took a cookie and took a bite. Then she noticed the note, Ginger took another bite of the cookie and took the note out and read it. She smiled as much as she could, “oh my gosh Polly I have always wanted to go there.” Polly filled her in on all the information, and promised, ” when you are feeling better, we will go and celebrate you feeling better.” Ginger was shaking her head and finished up the cookie. She offered Polly and her mom a cookie, they both accepted. Then Ginger looked at Polly and said, “you got a deal.”




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