Daisy’s daily scoop

Today was bath day for the dogs that were scheduled to be picked up today. There was a tag on each of the cages for those that were going to get a bath. When Daisy came in, she checked her to do list for the day. Then went to the cages to greet all the animals as she always did. They would perk up when they heard her voice. She spent a few minutes chatting with the receptionist Louise before getting started.

“Hello my little cherubs, you ready to get all squeaky clean?” she said as she checked on each one. Giving each one a scratch on the head. They would all bark their hellos to her. Daisy would set up the bathing area with everything she needed. Nancy was the groomer, so when Daisy was done with bathing, she would put the dog on the grooming table, and Nancy would dry them and brush them and clip their nails if they needed it. They had a good system down and they got done in no time. All the dogs were done in a few hours.

Since the backyard to the vet clinic wasn’t very big. Daisy would go outside and scoop up all the poop so the dogs wouldn’t roll around in it. She learned that the hard way when she first started. Louise told her about this, but Daisy had forgot all about it her first day. There was a lot to remember. So, when she forgot to scoop the poop, she saw some of the dogs rolling around in it, and had to give them a second bath. From that point on, she put up a sign by the back door. Big and bold “SCOOP THE POOP.” Louise and Nancy tease her every time she is about to go out back. Nancy would just call out, “scoop the poop.” You could hear Louise laughing from the front at her desk. In between laughing, Louise would repeat it. Daisy would just laugh and shake her head as she grabbed the scoop and a bucket lined with a trash bag. When all the poop was picked up, she would take the trash bag to the dumpster and then came inside and cleaned out the bucket for later.

Nancy helped with feeding time. Some dogs had special diets, so they were given special meals. They would start at each end of the cages and met in the middle. They all worked as a team there.  When it was slow and the waiting room was clear, Louise would come back and talk with the dogs. And she would help clean up the exam rooms. Daisy would sometimes work the front desk if Louise was running late or wasn’t in the day. Daisy liked to learn new things. She was eager to learn how to run the front desk. Louise liked showing her how to do things that she wasn’t sure about.

After all the owners came and picked up their dogs, it was time to clean up. Louise would clean the waiting room and front desk, Daisy would take the few dogs out back for a bit before putting them in for the night. Nancy would make sure the cages were clean and had fresh water for them. Daisy would call each dog over and take them in, and give them a kiss on the top of their head before putting them back in the cage for the night. She would do this every night that they had to stay overnight.

Dr. Lawrence finished up his paperwork and was walking into the lobby. He stopped at the front desk to say good night to Louise. Then he went to the back to say good night to Nancy and Daisy. As he was walking back to the front to leave, he asked the ladies, ” would like me to walk you to your cars tonight?” Louise shook her head and replied, ” It’s ok, we all walk together, but thank you. Have a wonderful anniversary dinner with  Mrs. Lawrence tonight.” Dr. Lawrence smiled, “thank you Louise, you are so sweet.” Then he left for the night.

When they were all done cleaning up, they all turned off all the lights and met up in the lobby. Then headed out to the parking lot. Louise locked the front door and caught up to Nancy and Daisy. They were standing by Nancy’s car chatting for a few minutes. Louise was teasing Daisy about the one guy that came in and was flirting with her. Louise started singing, ” Daisy and hot guy sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.” Daisy blushed and they all burst out laughing. Daisy covered her ears and teased Louise, “No!! don’t sing Louise, the dogs might hear you and cry from your horrible singing.” Louise chuckled and smacked her arm. When they caught their breath from laughing so hard, then got in their cars and left.

Daisy thought about that guy the whole drive home. She didn’t catch him name because it was busy and she had looked up as she was taking one of the dogs out of their cage and just caught a glimpse of him. She remembered he had a great smile. And a deep voice when he was talking with Louise. Daisy looked back up front when she got to the bathing area. It was right by the doorway. She noticed that Louise kept looking back and smiling at Daisy and then looked back to talk to this guy. She didn’t know what Louise was talking about with him, so she just went back to give the dog a bath. She forgot all about it until Louise mentioned in right before they left.

It was early the next day, Daisy wanted to arrive early to work to take the dogs outside. When she arrived, Louise looked up from her computer and teased, ” hey scoop.” she winked and smiled. Daisy chuckled and said good morning. After she put her purse away, she went to the back to prep for the baths and then said hello to the dogs. The dogs were ready to go out, so she open the cages one at a time, so they didn’t run all over the clinic. She opened the back door, and they went straight to the back door. And ran full speed when they stepped outside. All the dogs seemed to get along. So it was easy to watch over them as they played and did their business. When she had the energy, she would throw some balls and some of the dogs would go catch them. Then she would lay on the ground and they would pile on top of her. She would giggle and give them scratches , then sit up and throw the balls and they would all push off of her and fetch the balls. Eventually they got tired and were resting enjoying the sun. They had bowls of water out for the dogs to drink from. After they would run around, they would go to the bowls for a drink. Then it was time to take them back in.

Daisy freshened up in the bathroom after being outside. She would always bring extra shirts because her shirts would get dirty from being outside and would get soaked from bathing the dogs. When she walked back up to the front, she is thankful that she was able to freshen up. Hot guy was in the lobby, but he wasn’t with his dog. He was talking with Louise. He smiled when he saw Daisy walk up and stand next to Louise. She greeted him, hand extended over the counter, “Hi I’m Daisy.” He took her hand and held onto it as he introduced himself. ” Hi, I’m Nathan. You were so busy the other day, I didn’t want to bother you. Just wanted to say hello and was wondering if you would like to go out sometime?” She looked at Louise surprised. Louise held up her hands and shook her head. Daisy thought Louise put him up to this. Then he said, ” Louise just told me how sweet you are and that you are single.” Daisy thought for a moment, he let go of her hand. Then she responded, ” Ok, I will go out with you. When would you like to?” Nathan checked his calendar on his phone and asked, ” how about Saturday at 6?  We can meet here if that would make you more comfortable. We can decide where we want to go when we meet up.” Daisy smiled, she like that he was easy going. “That works for me. Saturday at 6.” She extends her hand again, he takes her hand and says, ” until then, have a great day.” He gives her and Louise a smile and then leaves. When the front door closes, Louise turns in her chair to Daisy and says, “I swear I didn’t put him up to this. He was the one that was asking all about you. I told him that you were very sweet and funny and very good with the dogs. I could tell he wanted to ask you out the other day, but it was busy. That is why he stopped by today.” Louise was so excited that she told Daisy that she would buy her lunch. She opened the desk drawer and said, ” order anything you want, my treat.” Daisy chuckled and went through the menus. She ordered a turkey club and fries and iced tea. Louise ordered the same thing, Nancy ordered a cheeseburger and fries. When lunch came in, they went sat in the lobby and ate together. They put a note on the door that they would be back in a hour.

The rest of the day went by quickly. Louise mentioned that the rest of the day, they were booked solid until they closed. Nancy and Daisy kept an eye on the exam rooms, making sure each was cleaned up before the next appointment was sent back. They were exhausted by the time the last appointment left. Both ladies cleaned up the last of the exam rooms and came back into the lobby and flopped on a chair. They let out a sigh. After a few minutes, Daisy went and took the dogs out before she set them up for the night. Louise was cleaning up the lobby and front desk, while Nancy and Daisy finished up with the dogs.

Saturday came around and Daisy wasn’t sure what Nathan had planned, so she chose to wear a blouse and dress pants. Then she headed back to the clinic to wait for him. She parked in the parking lot and turned on the radio to pass the time. He pulled into the parking lot, but she didn’t notice. A favorite song of hers came on and she was singing along with it. So into it, she had her eyes closed and signing at the top of her lungs. Nathan just watched her for a few minutes. He thought it was adorable, catching her being herself. When the song ended, she looked around to see if he had arrived. He had gotten out of his car and walked to the other side, next to her car. He leaned against his and waited for the song to end. When she noticed him, she blushed and covered her face with her hands. He chuckled as she got out of the car. ” I didn’t want to interrupt you, you seemed to be enjoying the song.” She blushed and replied, ” yes , it’s a favorite of mine.” He opened the car door to his car for her, and she got in. Then he went around the back to go to the drivers side. When he got it, he asked,” where would you like to go to eat?” She thought for a moment, then suggested, ” how about some pizza?” He agreed and they headed to the pizza place in town.

Since it was still early in the evening, it wasn’t too busy. They go seated after they walked in. It was quiet enough that they would be able to hear each other.Daisy said she like pepperoni, so Nathan ordered a pizza with double cheese with pepperoni. While waiting for the pizza, they had time to get to know each other. They talked about how long Daisy worked for the vet clinic and what she liked to do, Nathan shared about owning his own carpentry business and what he likes to do. There was definitely an attraction. When the pizza arrived, they took a slice and Nathan noticed the music that was playing and started to laugh. Daisy didn’t notice the music until he mentioned it. She was so focused on him, she didn’t really notice anything else. He jokingly said, ” where have I heard this song before?” She sat there listening, and right away she blushed. “oh my gosh, I can’t believe you caught me singing.” They both laughed and they continued eating.

When they were all done and stuffed,  there were a few slices left. Nathan asked, ” did you want to take these home?” She held up her hand and answered, ” no thank you, you can take them. I couldn’t eat another bite. Thank you, I have had a lovely evening. Would love to do it again sometime.” He smiled and said, ” You are welcome, I had a lovely evening too.” He paid the check and they headed out to his car to head back to the clinic to drop her off to her car.

He parked next to her car when they returned to the clinic. They chatted for a few more minutes. Then Nathan jokingly asked, ” for our next day, how about we go to karaoke?” She laughed and smacked his arm. Then she said, ” how about I cook you dinner at my place next Saturday.” He turned to look at her, smiled and replied, “I would love that.” Then he leaned over and gave her a kiss. Then he moved back a little and looked in her eyes. “You really are a beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing tonight with me. I look forward to sharing more with you.” That was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever told her. She kissed him again and then open the door and went to her car. She doesn’t remember getting home. She was so happy, she felt like she floated on a cloud home. This is the happiest she has been in a long time. Daisy can hardly wait until tomorrow, she wants to tell Louise all about it.


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