Angie bug

Today is Angie’s birthday. She took the day off work today and just wants to relax and have a quiet birthday. She is not the type that likes to have a big party with lots of people and her the center of attention. Angie prefers just a few friends over for pizza and a movie, nothing too exciting. The quiet and shy type and prefers to keep things simple.

She has been getting calls and texts from friends and family wishing her birthday wishes. Her friend Judy wanted to plan a birthday at a restaurant, but Angie turned that idea down. She just wanted a quiet night tonight. It was a long week at work and she just wanted some quiet time. They made plans to get together another time for dinner.

The doorbell rang as she was hanging up with Judy. She wasn’t expecting any deliveries, so she wasn’t sure who was at the door. When she opens the door, the biggest and most beautiful bouquet of flowers was in the arm of the delivery guy. She signed for them and took them to the kitchen. Angie thought her mom or her friend Judy sent them. But it wasn’t from them. When she read the card, she almost fell over. She had to sit down and catch her breath. It was from someone that she didn’t think she would ever see or hear from again.

The card didn’t say much, but it was short and sweet.

To my sweet Angie bug,

Happy Birthday, I hope you are having a great day. I would love to catch up with you and continue from where we left off. I haven’t stopped thinking about you. Hope to hear from you soon. My number is on the back of the card.


His family moved away right after he graduated high school. He and Angie dated junior and senior year. They tried to keep the relationship going long distance, but it didn’t work out. So they parted ways. She was heartbroken but knew it wouldn’t last since they had no money to visit each other. They lived too far apart. Writing letters to each other lasted for a little while. They wrote less and less once they moved on with their lives and they lost touch. Daniel contacted her mom and her mom gave him her address. Her mom loved Daniel and she felt bad for Angie when his family moved.

Angie read the card over and over. And turned the card over to see his number. She recognized the area code, he didn’t live that far away. Angie picked up her phone and started to dial, then hung up. She started to dial again, and right before it was going to ring, she hung up. Losing her nerve. She wasn’t sure what she would say if he answered. Angie has never stopped loving Daniel. Always comparing whoever she dated to Daniel. They were never as smart as him, as tall as him, as funny as him. They never got her like Daniel did.

She put the phone down and busied herself for a while. She cleaned up the kitchen, straightened up the living room, made her bed, cleaned the bathroom. When she was all done, Angie went back to the kitchen and sat at the table and stared at her phone. Mustering the courage to try and call him again.

The phone rang a few times, she thought it was going to go to voicemail, but he picked up. “Hello?” he answered. She caught her breath and didn’t know what to say. Then very softly she replied, “hello Daniel, its Angie.” You could almost hear him smile over the phone, “oh my gosh, I am assuming you got the flowers. Happy birthday. Did you like them? Was it too much?” She choked back tears just hearing his voice. “Thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful. No, it wasn’t too much.” For the next hour, they caught up with each other and shared what they have been up to since he left.

“I moved back in the area about five years ago and started my own carpentry business. It’s been slow going, but things are picking up and I have hired a few people to help me out. How are things with you?” She wanted to say that she has been waiting for him to come  back but she didn’t, instead she replied, ” just been living the simple life. I work for a vet hospital. I walk the animals and give them baths, feed them, stuff like that. Haven’t been doing much else.” He chuckled and said, ” same old Angie bug.” She laughed and confessed, ” I really miss hearing that. I always loved it when you called me that.” Angie almost started to cry when he said it. It was the way he said it. No one else was allowed to call her that.

They had been talking on the phone for almost three hours. And they didn’t want to hang up. That’s when Daniel asked, “Would you like to come over for dinner sometime and continue this. Because I really want to see you again Angie bug. I missed you so much.” She almost didn’t let him finish before she blurted out, “Yes! I have missed you so much too. I would love to have dinner with you.” She has been smiling this whole time, her cheeks were starting to hurt.

Another hour later and they agreed to have dinner at Daniel’s this weekend. As they were saying good bye, she was trying to figure out what she was going to wear. After hanging up from Daniel, she called Judy. Judy got so excited, she came over to Angie’s that night.

Judy knew how to dress. Angie didn’t pay that much attention to what she wore. She worked in a vet’s office, sweats and t shirt was basically what she wore. Angie didn’t wear dresses or skirts. When Judy looked in Angie’s closet, she announce, ” We are going to shop for something that will knock his socks off.” Angie rolled her eyes at that. She grabbed her purse and off they went. Judy knew all the shops to go to. Angie didn’t have a clue , so she let Judy drive.

After about two hours, Angie finally agreed to a dress that Judy picked out. It was simple and sophisticated. When they got back to Angie’s, Judy wanted to try fixing Angie’s hair. Have her try and new hairstyle. Judy was taking out her make up bag when Angie began to protest, ” no Judy, I am not wearing makeup!” Judy was going to argue, but relented and put the make up bag back in her purse. They couldn’t agree on a hairstyle, so Judy gave up and said, ” ok ok, I will leave it to you to figure out. At least you let me help you pick out your dress. It really looks nice on you. You have to promise me that you will give me details when you get back.” Angie smiled and said, ” yes I will give you details.” Judy hugged her and left.

The weekend has arrived and Angie has been nervous all day. She has been texted Judy all day. She keeps reassuring Angie everything will be great. Angie gets herself ready and texts Daniel that she is on her way. He texts back that he can’t wait til she gets there.

She pulls up to the house and turns off the car and just stares at the house for a few minutes. Angie has been waiting for this moment for a long time. She takes a deep breath and gets out. As she is walking up the front walk, he opens the door and waits for her to approach the front door. He holds out his arms and she walks right into his arms. He holds her tight enough for her to remember how it feels to be in his arms. She wraps her arms around him and holds on, afraid that he will disappear again. He whispers in her ear still holding her, ” I have missed you Angie bug.” She smiles and says, ” I have missed you too.”

Inside, Daniel has the dining room table set for two with candles lit and two glasses of wine poured. She walks into the dining room and smiles. Angie didn’t know he knew how to cook. The smell from the kitchen made her stomach growl. He chuckled and went to pull out the chair and have her sit while he went to get dinner. After he served her and himself, they spent dinner talking and laughing and enjoying each other’s company again. When dinner was done, they moved to the living room and Daniel refilled their glasses and they went to the living room to continue talking.

She settled into the couch and took her shoes off and crossed her legs and faced him. He positioned himself the same way. They were talking for a few more hours, just laughing and joking around. Then Daniel got a serious look on his face and he looked into her eyes and reached over and took her head in his hands. “Angie bug, I have been waiting a long time to ask you this. You don’t have to answer me tonight. You can think about it if you need to. I want to know if we can start seeing each other and see where it goes.” He still had her head in his hands. She didn’t want this moment to pass. With tears in her eyes. She smiled the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. And it was just for him. She softly but very surely said, ” Yes Daniel. I would love to pick up where we left off. I have wanted this for a long time. I didn’t think it would ever happen. I am so glad you moved back. I have loved you, I never stopped loving you. I will be your Angie bug again.”



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