Parker’s Little Gift

The timer goes off on the oven, Sadie comes in and turns it off and takes the cake out and sets the pan on top of the stove to cool. She is making a cake for her boyfriend Parker. He is coming over tonight for dinner and a movie. Last weekend, Parker had pizza and a movie at his place. This weekend, it’s her turn. She is cooking his favorite dinner, homemade chicken fingers and tater tots.

She has made the chicken fingers and has them in a dish warming in the oven. The coffee table is set, they will fix their plates in the kitchen and then go to the living room to watch a movie while they eat dinner. Sadie has the movie all set to go, just waiting on Parker to arrive. He should be arriving in about ten minutes. He texted Sadie to let her know that he stopped to pick up some beer and he is on his way.

Parker arrives and comes through the door. He sets the beer on the coffee table and gives Sadie a hug and kiss. They go into the kitchen and fix their plates and head to the living room. Parker opens a beer, while Sadie brought in her glass of soda from the kitchen. He grabs the remote and pushes play. For most of the movie they eat in silence. Enjoying the movie and the meal.

When Sadie is done, she gets up and asks him, “did you want anymore?” he rubs his stomach, he is too full for seconds. “Not right now honey, that was delicious.” She smiles and puts the plates in the kitchen sink. She refreshes her glass with some more soda and heads back into the living room.

Parker is watching wrestling when she comes back in. As she sits down, she smells it right away, ” oh my gosh Parker!” He chuckles and keeps watching wrestling. He let out a silent fart that almost made her gag. She moved to the farthest end of the couch. As if that would help. It didn’t. Sadie got up and opened the living room window to let some fresh air in. Parker was laughing at her as she put her face to the open window.

After a few minutes by the window, she came back to the couch. Shaking her head at him. “You might want to check yourself, that smelled like it left a gift for you.” He laughed so hard he fell back on the couch, tears coming down his cheeks. She was laughing just as hard. When the smell subsided, he went back to watching wrestling. Sadie was texting her best friend Jean.

Sadie is making plans with Jean to meet for lunch sometime this week. Jean is married with two kids, so it’s sometimes hard to find a babysitter. She told Sadie she will have to get back to her once she can find a sitter for sometime this week.

When wrestling is over, Parker gets up and says that he is gonna head home. Sadie makes a sad face and he gives her a hug. “I know honey, I don’t want to leave either, but I gotta get up early tomorrow. I will call you when I get home. I love you baby.” She holds him closer, ” I love you too, I’m glad you came over. Hopefully your fart will clear out of here so I can close the window.” They both laugh. He puts her head in his hands and gives her a kiss.

After he left, she shuts the tv off and closes the window. Sadie remembers the cake on the stove. She covers it and plans to frost and decorate it tomorrow and give it to Jean to take home for the family. Then she heads off to bed.




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