Unexpected Connection

It was a cool spring afternoon, Sally was taking her usual walk around her apartment complex. Saying hello to her neighbors that would walk past her. When she returned to her building, she noticed Stefan was there and greeted her with a smile. He is the security officer that is on post for her building. Management recently hired security due to a few break ins that happened a few months ago.

Sally rode the elevator to the third floor. When she stepped out, her neighbor Mrs. Banks was waiting to get on. As she stepped off, she greeted Mrs. Banks, ” Hello Mrs. Banks.” Her neighbor smiled and replied, ” hello dear, nice to see you.” Then she walked to her apartment. Once inside, she put on the kettle for a cup of tea.

She has always wanted to know about Stefan, but has been too shy to go down and talk with him. He is always very nice and professional, and everyone in the building really likes him. The other security officer Lawrence is very nice too. But Stefan is the one she wants to get to know better.

She makes her cup of tea and goes to check her emails. Most of it is junk mail, and one is from her friend Franny about meeting up for lunch tomorrow. She wants to meet up with Sally because Franny has been on vacation with her boyfriend and wants to share all about it with her. She emails her back and will be meeting up at their favorite place, The Meeting Place.

The next day, it’s a sunny warm afternoon. Sally arrives at The Meeting Place, Franny is already seated at a table. Sally goes to the table and sits down. “Hey Fran, welcome back, how was the trip?” She smiles and grabs her phone to bring up the pictures of her trip. Franny holds up her phone and starts to show the pictures, ” It was so much fun, we plan to go back sometime.” Sally smiles and says, ” that’s great Fran, these pictures are great. Glad you guys had a good time.” She finishes viewing all the pictures and hands the phone back to Franny. Their lunch arrives and the spend the rest of the lunch laughing and catching up. After they are done, they are standing outside by Sally’s car. Franny says, “we should get together again soon, maybe I can come by and check to see how cute this security officer is you keep talking about.” Sally blushes and replies, “oh my gosh Franny, it’s not that big of a deal.” They laugh and with that, they go their separate ways.

Back at the apartment, all is quiet. Walking back to the building, she sees Stefan on his rounds. He sees her approaching and he goes to open the door for her. “Thank you, have a great day.” He smiles, “you do the same.” She plans to come down later to talk with him and get to know him better.

Sally is not much of a cook. If it isn’t boxed, bagged, or canned, she isn’t sure what to do. She opens the freezer and takes out a frozen pizza and pops it in the oven. Sets the timer and goes to her computer to play a game of solitaire. After a while the timer goes off for the pizza, she slices it up and goes to watch some tv.

It’s early evening, and she is trying to get the courage to go down and talk with Stefan. She knows his schedule. He is still on duty for another couple of hours. Sally went to the elevator about an hour ago, but chickened out and came back to the apartment. “I need a cup of tea first, then I will go down to the lobby.” She said to herself when she was walking back to the apartment. It’s been an hour and she is going to try again. She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, then goes to the elevator.

She walks to the desk where Stefan is. He is checking the cameras and writing on a log and then looks up and smiles when he sees her. “Hello Sally, how are you?” She blushes and shyly replies, “I am doing fine thank you.” She takes a deep breath and asks him, ” would you like to go out sometime for a cup of coffee?” His smiled brighter than she has seen before and he replied, ” yes I would love to. I have wanted to ask you out, but wasn’t sure if you would accept.” That surprised her, for a few seconds she was speechless. “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you liked me. I am glad I came down here tonight. How about we meet at coffee shop around the corner tomorrow around 2:00?” He thinks for a second then agrees, ” sounds great, see you there tomorrow at 2.” Sally is so happy that she feels she just glides all the way back up to her apartment. When she gets back to her apartment, she does her happy dance. She texted Franny and told her that she has a date with Stefan tomorrow at 2. Franny answers back in a few minutes and congratulates her and wants details after she gets back.

Then next day, Sally is trying to pick out something to wear when she meets Stefan. She has went through everything and can’t decide. She has been sending pictures of her outfit to Franny to help her decide. Franny has told her several times that they look great, but she hasn’t agreed. After almost two hours, she finally decides on a cute summer dress. She hangs it up on the door until it’s time to get dressed. She still has a few hours before she has to leave. To relax, she goes to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

Sally arrives at the coffee shop thirty minutes early. She orders a cup of tea and tries to calm her nervous. She is hoping the tea will help her relax before he arrives. Sally watches the door and checks her time on her phone every few minutes. Right at two o’clock, Stefan walks through the door. He searches around and when he sees Sally, he gives her the biggest smile and walks to where she is sitting. He orders a cup of coffee and says, ” Hope you haven’t been waiting long.” She shakes her head,” no, not at all, I ordered a cup of tea to wait.”

They have been enjoying each others company so well, they didn’t realize that they have been sitting there for a few hours. Their connection was unexpected by both of them. Sally is hoping that this can turn into something. But she is going to take it slow and let things happen as they happen.

Stefan is just as attracted to her and he is to her. He always watched for when she came down to go for her walks. Her smile is what got to him. And how good she was with her neighbor Mrs. Banks. One time when Mrs. Banks came in the lobby to go up to her apartment. She commented that she thought that he should go talk to Sally, they would make a cute couple. Stefan told her that he would think about it, but never did say anything.

Since Stefan didn’t have Sally cell number, he decided to write a little note and slide it under her door. He had some time to write something and take it up there before she got back from running errands.

Hey Sally,

Just wanted you to know I had a great time meeting for coffee yesterday. I would love to go out with you again. Let me know when you are available and I will set it up. It will be my treat. Thanks.


As he was going up the elevator, he folded the paper in half. He stepped off the elevator and went to her apartment and slid the paper under her door and went back downstairs. And crossed his fingers he would hear from her.

Sally returned from her errands and saw a paper on the floor in front of her door after she came inside. She thought it might be a note from management. When she opened it, she smiled. It was from Stefan. She giggled and said yes out loud as if Stefan was standing there. She was hoping she would hear from him, she had forgotten to give him her number. When she went downstairs to the security desk, she made a mental note to give him her number.

They were standing by the security desk talking for a bit. Sally gave him her cell number and told him he could call or text her anytime.  He said the same. Sally wasn’t sure if she should hug him, but she did it anyway. And she was surprised when he hugged her back. Then she says, ” I would love to go out with you again.” He smiled and hugged her.






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