Bingo at Janie’s

Tonight is game night. Janie is hosting it tonight at her house. She has been setting everything up, everyone is about to arrive soon. They all look forward to getting together a couple of times a month to relax and have fun.

All her friends are coming. Elaine, Ann, Julie, Donna. They have all known each other since high school.

The kitchen counter is set up with food and drinks. Everyone can just grab a plate and something to drink and sit and the dining room table before they start playing bingo. They spend more time talking and laughing than actually playing the game. But the prizes are a good incentive to play.

After everyone has eaten something and refreshed their drinks, the table has been cleared and set up with markers and cards and the wheel with all the balls in them. Janie gives it a good spin before they get started.

“Ok everyone, it’s time to play bingo. The first one to get bingo gets the first pick at the prizes. Which are on the table behind Elaine and Julie.” Everyone cheers when they check out the prizes. She gives the wheel a good spin and then the first ball rolls down the shoot. She looks at it, and then calls it out, ” I 24.” Everyone checks their cards, Donna marks it on her card and says, ” Yes.” Spinning the wheel again, next number she calls, ” G 46.” For the next 20 minutes everyone is concentrating on their cards. Then Elaine breaks the silence by asking Julie, ” how are things with you and hunka hunka burnin love?” She loves to tease Julie. She started dating Ted about a year ago and Elaine thinks he is really good looking. She would never make a play for him, she just likes to watch Julie blush. As if on cue, Julie blushes and answers, ” we are doing great, couldn’t be happier.”

What seems like the longest game in history, finally when Janie calls out, “B 7, ” Ann shouts, ” Oh yes! Bingo! I got Bingo!!” She holds up her card and grins. Janie takes the card from her to verify the numbers. Janie confirms, ” yup, we got a winner!! pick out a prize from the table.” Donna gets up and goes and looks over all the prizes and chooses a candy dish filled with her favorite chocolates, peppermint patties. She takes it back to her seat and eats one right away, then confesses, ” these might not last all night.” They all laugh because they know it’s true. She will be going home with an empty dish.

Janie collects all the used cards and everyone chooses new cards. “Everyone ready?” She looks up and everyone shakes their heads yes. Spinning the wheel a few times, then picks up the first number, ” N 44.” Another number, “O 60.” After Janie calls the number, Ann says sarcastically, “the age I will be when this game ends.” Everyone erupts in laughter. Not everyone gets Ann’s humor, but they all do.

This round goes by a little faster, when Janie calls out “N 33,” Elaine gasps and then shouts, “bingo!” Donna groans then laughs and says, ” I was only one away from bingo.” Janie verifies Elaine’s card and confirms, ” we have a winner, choose from the prizes on the table. She looks over everything and picks out the basket of bath and body products. Back at her seat, she puts the basket under the table out of the way and says, ” I know what I will be doing tomorrow.” Collecting the cards, she asks, “wanna take a little break and grab a snack? I know I’m wanting some of that cheesecake over there.” She points to the cheesecake and then heads over to get a slice. Everyone gets up and heads over to the table to grab a snack.

They play a couple more games, and everyone except Julie wins. She isn’t upset at all. Janie has enough prizes on the table. Everyone would have gone home with something anyway. Julie walks over to the prizes and looks what is left over and picks out a set of coffee mugs. There are several more candy dishes still on the table. Those that didn’t choose candy dishes picks up one to take home. She is always thoughtful that way. Making sure that everyone went home with something.

Donna was getting ready to go, hugging everyone good bye. She announced to everyone, “I have an idea, how about we do a slumber party, like we did when we were kids. Except, we don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for being too loud.” Everyone loved the idea.Donna said she would start thinking of ideas for the party and she will contact everyone and see what dates work for everyone. With her empty candy dish in hand and some other goodies, she was just about out the door when Janie called out to her. “Wait Donna, I have something for you, well for everyone actually.” Everyone looked at each other confused, not sure what Janie meant. She came out from the kitchen with a bag, it was extra bags of candy for everyone. They all hugged her as she gave them out.

Everyone thanked Janie for a great game night. Then everyone left chatting all the way to their cars. She waved good bye to everyone and then headed back in to clean up. She didn’t realize that Elaine hadn’t left. She was inside cleaning up when Janie came back in. Elaine had the dining table cleared and the food and drink table almost cleared when she came in. Surprised that she stayed behind to help clean up, Janie cleared the rest of the food table, thanking Elaine for the help, ” thank you very much for helping, I was just gonna leave it until tomorrow. I was just going to wrap up the food and put it in the fridge and then head to bed.” Elaine smiled and replied, “you are welcome, it’s the least I can do, it was a fun night. I will take the trash out and then I will head out so you can go get some sleep.”

After Elaine left, Janie turned off all the lights and headed upstairs. She loved hosting game night tonight. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep. All that planning and setting things up all day was exhausting, but it was all worth it.

(sometimes your friends remind you how special you really are)



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