Simple Gestures

Chloe just got home from work. She went into the kitchen to get dinner started. “BANG!! BANG!!” Came the sound from upstairs. It startled her and she almost dropped the chicken she was planning on cooking. She put the chicken on a plate and headed upstairs to see what all the hammering was about.

As she was walking upstairs, she called out, ” Evan, what are you doing?” At first he didn’t hear her because the door was closed. And he had his Ipod on. She knocked on the door and tried to open the door, but it was locked. He turned the music down and replied, ” you can’t come in, I’m working on something for you and you can’t see it until it’s done.” She smiled and said ok. Chloe told him dinner would be ready in thirty minutes, and then she went back down to the kitchen.

Evan came down as Chloe was putting dinner on the table. He come up to her and kissed her on the cheek before he sat down. She loves his simple gestures like that. He wasn’t one to show her public affection, but always found a way to let her know that she is the only one. Sometimes it was just a look or that smile that is only for her.

They were sharing their day with each other while they ate. Chloe sighed and just looked to the ceiling as if to silently ask him what he was working on. He chuckled and said, ” nice try honey, i’m not telling.” He took a long sip of his iced tea and just smiled at her. He loved watching her trying to figure out what he was working on. He would sometimes frustrate her because he thought it was so adorable watching her get all worked up.

He helped her clear the table and then he said he was going to go work on the room for a little bit. Before he left, he turned around in the doorway and teased, “I won’t be hammering anymore, that part is done. I love you, I will be back down soon.”  She turned around from the sink and replied, “I love you too.”

Two days went by as Evan was finishing up the room. He was putting the finishing touches on the room. He wanted this to be perfect. And everything was working out they way he wanted. Chloe tried to sneak into the room yesterday to see what was going on. But she wasn’t able to find the key, and plus, she wanted to wait because she knew it would be great whatever it was. So she would just watch tv or play a game on the computer.

Today was the day that Evan is going to show Chloe the room. But he wanted to do something special this morning to start this thing off. He woke up early and went downstairs and made a pot of coffee. Then he took her favorite mug from the cabinet and set it by the coffee pot. Then he folded up a note that he wrote her and wrote on the top “READ ME” and placed it on top of her mug. Then he left the house to go do some last minute shopping for tonight.

Chloe woke up a little after Evan left. She came downstairs in her robe and slippers and a serious case of bed head. She was thankful that Evan wasn’t here. She smiled when she got to the counter where the coffee and her mug sat. Setting the note aside so she could make her cup of coffee. Then she picked the note back up and sat at the kitchen table to read it. It wasn’t a long note, but it was enough to let her know a little of what was to come.

The note read:


Tonight you will know how much I love you and how very special you are to me. The project I have been working on is something I have wanted to do for you ever since we met. You will not have to cook tonight. I will be taking care of everything. After you get home from work, all you have to do is change into something comfortable and come into the room that will be unlocked when you get home.

I love you


She read the note a few more times and got excited. She almost called off of work, but didn’t want to ruin everything Evan has worked so hard for. Chloe goes and gets ready for work. Evan wasn’t back before she had to leave. So she texted him to let him know that she loves him very much and she looks forward to tonight.

Evan has been setting up the room all day. He made the room into a reading room for her. Because she loves to read. He custom built shelves wall to wall. Then he got all her books and placed them on the shelf in the order she had them on the tiny bookshelf in the living room. He bought her the chair that she has always wanted. He set candles all over the room. On the side table next to the chair, placed small candles on some of the bookshelves. Evan even bought two champagne glasses and a bottle of her favorite wine. Which is in the refridgerator getting chilled. Once all the candles have been lit, he went to the doorway and turned around and smiled. Then headed downstairs to wait for Chloe.

It felt like it was an eternity waiting for her to get home. Then he heard her drive up and head for the front door. He ordered dinner from  one of her favorite restaurants.  It would be delivered in about an hour. So he had time to reveal the room to her.

When she came in Evan greeted her at the door.  He gave her a long kiss and took her purse. “Change into something comfortable and come into the room across the hall in ten minutes.” Without saying a word, she smiled and headed up to the bedroom to change. Even went to the fridge to get the wine and headed up to the room.

Once in the room, Evan wrapped a towel around the bottle of wine and stood next to the chair and waited for Chloe. It wasn’t a long wait. She opened the door and stood at the doorway with a look of complete shock. She couldn’t believe that he remembered that she has always wanted a reading room. She said it while they were dating and didn’t think he paid too much attention to it, because he didn’t say anything about it. She walked into the room and walked into his embrace next to the chair. He stepped back and motioned for her to sit down in the chair. Then he got down on one knee and look right into her eyes.

Clearing his throat, he began to speak softly

When I first met you, I know that you would be in my life. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to be in mine. But you accepted me for who I was right from the start. You are the only for sure thing in my life. I know I may not have always shown it, I am not good showing how I feel. But with you, I learned how to show it. I hope that I have shown you how much you mean to me. You taught me so much about how to love yourself and to show love when you feel it. I love you Chloe with everything that I am.

Will you marry me?

The lump in her throat grew with each word he spoke. She knew he was the one only after dating for a few months. She just knew. Chloe kissed him passionately because she wasn’t able to form words at the moment. She wanted to show him what his word meant to her.

Then she placed his head in her hands and looked him straight in the eyes and for a moment they said no words but he could feel what she was saying.

Very softly, she could only whisper her long awaited response. A simple yes.

(simple gestures sometimes speak louder than words)

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