Charlotte’s Surprise


As Charlotte was putting away some magazines back on the bookshelf, she noticed that a pictures was sitting in front of some books. Wondering why a picture would be sitting there. When she picked up the picture, she smiled, taking her back to the time of when the picture was taken. It was a picture of her and Justin. She closed her eyes and could still hear his deep voice and that laugh that only he had. They had some good times then. Until one day that changed everything. Their friendship was put through the test and the choice that Justin made cut her to the core.

It’s Friday night, every Friday Emily comes over for pizza and dessert. They laugh and cry, and be there for each other when times are tough. Charlotte calls Emily at her bake shop, as she usually does to see what Emily is making tonight. Emily didn’t tell her exactly what she was making, only that it’s something she hasn’t had in a while. They laughed and Charlotte told her that she is ordering the pizza.

She was still laughing to herself when the pizza arrived. She paid for the pizza and put the pizza on the kitchen table. Grabbed two glasses from the cabinet and a stack of napkins and put them on the table.

Emily has a key to her apartment, so she let herself in and called out to Charlotte that she was here with dessert. Charlotte answered back from the bedroom ” I have been wondering what this surprise is.”  Emily let out a dirty laugh that made Charlotte laugh even harder as she came into the kitchen.

She wanted to open the dessert box but Emily stopped her. Telling her that she has to be a good girl and eat all her dinner. Charlotte rolled her eyes and laughed and grabbed two pieces of pizza and poured the soda for both. Then the headed in the living room. She turned on a station on the tv that played music and lowered it so it was in the background.

They caught each other up on the week. No drama which they both were glad about. Charlotte asked her about her boyfriend Evan. Emily smiled and said they are doing great and they were planning a vacation together. She was happy for her and was secretly jealous because Emily is so happy and Evan treats her like a queen. Then Emily gives her that look, the one that she knows what Emily wants to know but doesn’t come out and asks. Charlotte raises her eyebrow and says, ” No Em, I am not talking about him.” Emily smiles and says, ” Ok, it’s time for your surprise.” She gets up from the couch and gets the dessert box and brings it back and places the box on Charlotte’s lap. Emily is giggling as she tells Charlotte to open the box.

She takes a deep breath and opens the box. She gasps and looks up at Emily, who is laughing so hard that she has tears in her eyes. “Emily, what made you think I wanted something like this?” Once Emily caught her breath, she replied, “well, it’s true, you haven’t had one in a while.” Charlotte shook her head yes and laughed along with her. Inside the box where two cakes shaped like penises. She closed the box and put in on the coffee table. They were full from pizza, they will eat it in a while. Charlotte chuckled and poured herself another glass of soda.

As Charlotte was putting on a movie, Emily put their “desserts” on a plate to enjoy while watching a movie. Every time Charlotte would try and take a bite, she was laughing too hard to eat it. Emily was laughing just as hard. They missed most of the movie because they were laughing so hard. It took them a while, but they did finish dessert. It was a dark chocolate cake and they made yummy noises in between laughing.

When the credits starting rolling on the movie, Emily announced that she was gonna get going. Charlotte hugged Emily and said, ” thank you so much for this, I loved my dessert.” They both laughed and Emily said your welcome and she would call her tomorrow.

(friends always know when you need to laugh:-) )



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